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Travel: The Robin Hood Legacy Nottingham


‘Greetings good travellers’ 

I arrive at the Robin Hood Legacy just as a huge poster with our famous Nottingham folklore hero is being unravelled.

This is just one of the new additions to the attraction on Friar Lane which has now been open almost a year and a half but was bought and saved last summer by employees, Adam Greenwood & Lisette Sornsen aka Robin Hood and Maid Marion.


Adam has always been fascinated by Robin Hood, dedicating his time to his lifelong passion. He has written books on the famous outlaw and has been attending events for years as Robin, even moving to Nottingham from Surrey. Lisette originates from Denmark.

Since acquiring the business they have made many improvements, one of the first things they did was change the outfits used from fancy dress to proper re-enactment outfits.  They want to make it the one place that visitors to Nottingham don’t miss and to make it as good as it can be. “It deserved to be so much better, there is so much passion and enthusiasm” Says Adam. The couple also plan to expand the activities.


Nottingham hadn’t had a Robin Hood attraction for some time, since the closure of the Tales of Robin Hood in 2009.  Adam was originally hired to create the interactive experience but there was a conflict of vision, so upon taking ownership, the couple spent 6 weeks updating and getting the attraction to make it closer to their original vision. It is a project which Adam says they will continue until it is spot on. They’re confident it’s already got quite a different feel to it, a different identity. Previously people just thought it was a shop from the frontage of the beautiful Georgian townhouse which houses it,  so they have tried to go bold to show that an adventure lays behind it.


Travel through time as the adventure starts on the top floor. You enter the rooms, press a button and the friends and enemies of Robin Hood, come to life through audio-visual technology which projects moving faces onto mannequins. Our first encounter is with a poor chap who tells us how the sheriff takes their money for taxes and so if it wasn’t for our Robin they would not be able to buy food.


Down the stairs, we go to visit a succession of rooms with detailed recreations of locations and characters which all add to the story and our knowledge of Robin Hood.

There’s also a room where children can draw and colour. Finally, we meet Robin Hood, Maid Marian and Little John.

Entertaining and fun, the attraction is close to Nottingham Castle. Next time you’re in the city, make sure you pay them a visit.

Love T xx

*Disclaimer: My entrance was gifted but my views are my own.


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