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5 Make Up No No's For Over 40's

Let's start by saying that in the current pandemic you already know you should always always be washing your hands properly, right?

The same goes for when you are applying face creams and serums.

1. Make sure you wash your hands first. Unwashed hands are covered in bacteria which can not only make acne worse, but also cause premature ageing. For this reason, when applying make up ensure you also always use clean sponges or make up brushes.

2. Double dipping doesn't just apply to when you're cooking, it also applies to serums, moisturisers, foundation, concealer. The same bacteria we talked about being on your hands goes into these products. Not only does it shorten their shelf life, but it can also reformulate the formulation which can make them go toxic. Make sure you use spatulas or cotton swabs to get the product out.

3. We've all done this next one - fallen into bed without removing our make up. Again, it's allowing for bacteria build up so you need your environment to be as bacteria free as possible. Remember we spend up to a third of our lives sleeping. This time should be for the skin to rejuvenate so remember you should also change your pillow cases often.

If you're too tired to do your full routine, keep a pack of wipes handy so you can at least wipe your make up off quickly before bedtime.

4. Do not share your make up with friends - particularly anything like mascara, liquid eye liner or lipstick. Bacteria thrives in dark moist environments. Did you know that mascara actually expires quite quickly? It only has a life of about 3 months, so throw away that old one you've had hiding in the drawer. Never share a lipstick as you could fall foul of Covid, cold sores or even herpes. When. make-up artists use lipstick they will scrape a small amount off the stick with a clean spatula and work from a pallet.

5. Many people often use too much foundation and completely cover their skin. It should be used to achieve a clear complexion. Less can be more when it comes to foundation. If you are concealing correctly you shouldn't need much foundation at all. Concealer is a heavier pigment, so you get more coverage with concealer. You should then use the Foundation to achieve a smooth over all finish rather than 'Cake Face' where you can literally scratch a line down your face.

Hope that helps my beauties!

Love Tx



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