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Beauty Review: Forever Living Aloe Vera Hydrating Serum

Disclaimer: Gifted Item

You're never too young or too old to begin looking after your skin.

As we age though you might start to notice that your skin no longer glows like it used to, so it might be time to ramp up your skincare routine. A loss of firmness, Fine lines, dryness and sunspots are all things we begin to deal with as we age. Plummeting estrogen levels directly affect collagen production, skin thickness and hydration, so it’s vital to develop an anti-aging program. So what should we use?

Essentials are Sunscreen, Cleanser, Anti-Ageing Serums, Moisturiser, Exfloliator, Neck Cream and Eye Cream.

It's quite a list, so how do you find a product that works? And one that is kind to your skin?

Forever Living's Hydrating Serum fits perfectly into your routine to provide a powerful boost of hydration thanks to pure aloe vera and four types of hyaluronic acid. I was recently gifted a tube to try.

I had to think what to call it for a moment then, because whilst it is in a tube, it has a nifty pump action. Three shorts pumps provides a pea size amount, which I found was enough to cover my face and neck. I begin working up my neck in upward sweeping motions so as not to drag the skin. I continue on to my face, sweeping upwards and massaging into my skin in small circular motions. I always pat the product around my eyes gently, agains so as not to drag the thinner sensitive skin around around them. I finish by massaging the product into the rest of the skin on my face.

I applied twice daily, after cleansing morning and night in the usual way I would a serum, right before my moisturiser. It has lovely mild natural smelling scent as opposed to an unnatural fragrance.

The product is a smooth consistency and glides easily on, light enough to be absorbed easily in readiness for my moisturiser. I always wait a few minutes after applying moisturisers before starting with my make up to let it fully absorb. This formula left no greasy residue and my make up went on easily after.

Every day, our skin is exposed to environmental stresses that can cause dryness, and contribute to the signs of ageing. The serum promises to shield against these and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

After using for a month, my skin does feel soft and supple and not at all dry, which is great considering it has recently been exposed more to both colder weather and central heating. Don't just take my word for it, the product won Silver recently in Pure Beauty Awards in the Best New Premium Anti-ageing Skincare category.

So how does it work? Here's the science bit. 'The power behind this formula comes from four types of hyaluronic acid which each play a key role in retaining hydration. Hyaluronic acid is an intense skin moisturiser that holds 1,000 times its weight in water. Combined, all four types of hyaluronic acid work together to replenish water on the surface of skin and retain moisture from the inside, whilst also improving elasticity and resulting in the appearance of visibly plump skin'

The product is very reasonably priced at £34 for 50 ml. As you don't need to use much of it, this works out even better and I look forward to continuing to use mine through the winter months ahead.

Love Tx

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Nov 25, 2020

This is my most favorite serum, I use it 6 months ago and my asking is getting brighter day by day and there is a glow on my face, this serum is suitable for every type of skin and It was not available in shops due to lockdown everything is getting out of stock, luckily I saw it a few days ago on when I was doing my shopping and without wasting time I bought it from there.

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