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Booze and Ball Games at the Roxy Ball Room Launch

Finally, ‘nature is healing’ with my first new hospitality venue opening night invitation.

Roxy Ball Room, the second in Nottingham, threw open its doors on Friday night at the Cornerhouse, Nottingham.

If you know the Cornerhouse, Roxy Ball Room has taken residence in what was once The Red Hot Buffet which if you remember it as a bit of a game changer in its day for the buffet world. You might also remember that the venue is MASSIVE!

The Cornerhouse itself is a bit of a tardis as far as looks are concerned. You can walk around the outside in minutes, but inside is a cinema, crazy golf and restaurants - how? Anyway, the new kid on the block is no stranger to Nottingham. The first Roxy Ball Room opened up on Thurland Street (above Mojo) a few years back. Having been welcomed by the folk of Nottingham, and it would seem a huge success, this second venue has opened and is bigger and better than ever.

Did I say it was massive? Yep, this ultimate booze and ball games playground for adults is an extremely playable mash-up of of games such as full-size bowling, Beer Pong battle stations, Olympic standard Ping Pong Tables, Shuffleboard tables and a classic arcade games which include multi-player donkey derby-style racing games, plus a basketball shooting machine, all set to a rock and indie soundtrack.

Special first look gave us a chance to see it all, though honestly, I think you could be there all day and still not have played all of the games.

We started off with a good old game of traditional Pool. As it was launch night we were given drinks (we chose a nice cold can of red stripe, because boy was it a hot night, even underground - as we were, because you enter on street level and go down the stairs to the fun and games). We were also bought a sample of the food on offer. PIzza, Mini Chorizo Bites and Mac N Cheese Bites. Nice.

On to Boules we went. I’d never played it before. It’s essentially like marbles isn’t it, only bigger, then Crazy Pool - which is a lot like crazy golf, but with a cue and on a table.

Opening a place like Roxy as we come out of a pandemic, would to some seem a bit risky, but there’s a heck of a lot of sanitising going on, hand gel and ordering from your table.

All visitors are required to wear a mask whenever they are not at their table Further measures include cleaning the surfaces regularly and assigning one waitress for each section to limit contact with multiple members of staff.

Risky though is Roxy’s nature. The company state that ‘Roxy Leisure was founded with a rebellious spirit, going against the norms of what was around us...Our objective is to champion the competitive socialising revolution to new cities across the country’

Ah Socialising, remember that? Well, I’ll certainly drink to it being the first of many visits. Not in Notts? The aim is for two new Roxy Ball Rooms each year - so keep a lookout, there could be one on its way to you.

Love Tx

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