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Health: 5 Habits That Are Causing Damage To Your Ears

The older we get, the more we wake up each morning and consult google with our latest symptoms before we get up!

Fortunately there are different kinds of healthcare techniques to get us through the day. However, there are other aspects of our health that most of us ignore on a daily basis as a result of certain habits we may be used to - like consuming junk food, going to bed without taking off our make up, biting our nails, for example.

Another thing about getting older is how you appreciate the things in life we maybe once took for granted, such as bird song in the morning, conversation with a loved one or listening to a favourite piece of music, so how would we feel if that stopped?

In this blog post, we will take a look at five common habits that can cause damage to our hearing.

1. We only visit a doctor when there is a problem

Most people are guilty of this, and especially at the moment in the Covid times of stay home and don't overwhelm the NHS. Many people wait until things get worse and there is an ear-related problem before visiting an ear clinic. This is an unhealthy habit which could lead to more damage than we think.

It is actually advisable to visit an ear doctor at least once every ten years if you are under 50 years, and once every three years if you are over 50. Doing this will help detect potential ear problems before they get worse. 

2. Loud noises

Most people are already aware of the potential harm that loud noises pose to our hearing health. I love a music concert, but loud noises can lead to hearing loss when you are exposed to it regularly. This is why it is very important not to sit too close to the source of music. You should turn down the volume of your television when it is too loud, to help avoid irreparable hearing damage. Always remember that anytime you turn up the volume of your sound system, you are contributing to damage your hearing health bit by bit. The same applies to the use of earphones when listening to music. If you work in an environment with loud noises, you should also use ear protection.

3. Smoking

If you are looking for another reason to quit smoking, then this is it. Most people are not aware of the kind of dangers that smoking poses to the ears. Believe it or not smoking plays a role negatively affecting the inner ears’ ability to pick up vibrations. This is as a result of the presence of nicotine. This chemical is responsible for restricting blood flow to the tiny cells located in the inner part of the ears. Therefore, as a person continues to smoke, they increase the risk of causing irreparable damage to the ears - and to their ability to hear. But that is not all; smoking does affect not only the hearing health of the smoker but also those around them. 

4. Inactive lifestyle

One of the main factors responsible for many of health challenges that people face is an inactive lifestyle. The main health challenge of such a lifestyle is obesity, which can lead to diabetes. Diabetes has the tendency to cause poor blood circulation, which can affect the supply of blood to the tiny cells located in the inner part of the ears. This can lead to hearing loss in the future.

5. Alcohol

Aside from smoking, excessive intake of alcohol can cause damage to both your ears and the brain. It affects the brain’s ability to process the soundwaves it receives. Plus, excessive use of alcohol can cause the central auditory cortex to shrink. Alcohol can also lead to the formation of a toxic environment in the inner part of the ears.

So there you go, five reasons why a healthy lifestyle is more important than you think.

Love T x



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