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Health: 7 Alternative Gifts For Lockdown Stress Relief

With the Covid-19 pandemic still taking dangerous tolls on people's lifestyles, lock-downs and quarantine can also destabilize your emotional well-being. As far as experts agree, health is wealth. But with the uncertainty of the pandemic, our emotional state may be in jeopardy, so it is advisable to try to de-stress as much as you can.

It is also a good idea to think about how other people might be coping. Remember to check in on them with regular phone calls or socially distanced visits. If you're not able to visit, or you just want to do something thoughtful to show you're thinking of them, you could always send them a gift.

Check out these seven gift ideas for relieving yours or a loved one’s lockdown stress.

1. Kin Euphorics Dream Light

You can mix the Kin Euphorics Dream Light with oat milk and sip your drink before going to bed. Its content includes 0.25 mg of melatonin. Said to make it easier for you to sleep better after going through a lot of mental stress. The icing on the cake is that it tastes good too. Take control of your night dreams and wake up the following day to see a better version of yourself. The nightcap is earthy and euphoric.

2. Live Well Unwind Gift

A lavender-themed stress relief gift for keeping you calm. The package comes with an eye mask, a lavender candle, spray for your pillow, and a lavender grow kit. This product can be a part of your journey to rediscovering your best mode. 

3. Cap Beauty The Little Matcha Stick Box

Sometimes it can be hard to make matcha because you have to mix and whisk a lot of things before you can prepare a standard tea bag. The Cap Beauty matcha sticks can help you drastically reduce the preparation time as they are ready-made. More importantly, they are also travel-friendly, meaning that you are good to go anywhere with them when you step out, post- lockdown. What's more, this is your original and organic green tea that promises to enhance your mood, boost your surroundings’ alertness, and fulfill your antioxidants and mineral needs. The product is gluten-free, and it's suitable for vegans as well.

4. Soothe Calm Holiday Gift

This stress healer usually comes with three packages, each containing a coconut milk-enriched bath salt for your self-care needs. On top of that, you get a massage gift card for booking massage appointments on After booking your appointment, a therapist will then attend to you professionally in the comfort of your own home to give you a soothing massage. 

The product is specifically designed to allow users to enjoy the healing benefits of massage for your mind and body. Its lemongrass and ginger components will also nourish your skin, while the sea salt detoxifies your skin and eases discomfort in sore muscles.

5. Super Soak Healing Bath

This best gift for lockdown stress relief combines purified sea salt and organic essential oils from eucalyptus. There is also a mustard organic in it to draw heat to the area being soaked, thereby helping to boost circulation and remove lactic acid build-up. When your skin absorbs the eucalyptus in small amounts, you will feel free of pain and stress. Your stuffy nose will also be cleared thanks to the Super Soak aroma. After a hard day's training at the gym, apply to your healing bath.

6. Patchology Moodpatch

Wake up in the morning and plop Patchology Moodpatch's gel around your under eye area. This stress relief gel has an extra edge since it's actually an aromatherapy eye gel. The product comes with a bergamot scent treated with green tea to help you find your happiness.

7. Gifts for Relaxation

If you're a workaholic, lockdown and quarantine can be especially annoying. Obviously, this was not how you planned to spend the new year. Yet 2020 came with a myriad of troubles to shut you off from doing what you love. Well, sometimes, you just need to take it easy and chill out. In the face of these unprecedented times, you simply need to recharge and relax, instead of stressing about what you should be doing.

Sleep psychologists like Dr. Lynelle suggest that weighted blankets are good for relieving stress and calming you down. These blankets are designed to offer even pressure distribution and guarantee sound sleep. But if you want to go the extra mile, Smokers Paradise Club also has e-liquid stress-relieving solutions for lockdown. 

Hopefully, by following the stress-relieving gift ideas here, you should begin to see your positive energy come back to you. The good news is that the majority of these lockdown stress relief gifts are fairly priced. So, you won't have to break the bank either.

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