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Health: Gifts From Suffering

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

"Usually, the most profound growth comes from overcoming difficult experiences"

-Lisa Najavits

Nobody wants to hear the words "You have Cancer", especially not twice like I have. Not only is there the physical fight but also the mental. Cancer brings with it a whole range of emotions, however, we develop strengths from our journey and learn to survive under the most unimaginably tough conditions.

Everyone's Cancer journey is different but today I want to share with you some of the strengths which you gain through adversity.

Imagination and creativity

I've always been quite creative but theres something about the cancer journey that makes you want to create. See things through. I think you develop a greater appreciation for the creative process, things that have been crafted through time, with love and thought.

Awareness of the extremes of life

You view life in a very different way. Every one of us is going to die. From the moment we are born it is the only certain thing in life. Only when you are ill do you realise how fragile life is and how quickly it can change and be taken from you. You become very aware of your own mortality, that life is a precious gift and of the longing to stay alive as long as possible.


It's a broad concept, but there becomes a need, a curiosity about life and a sense of connection and belonging to something far bigger than ourselves. You search for the meaning of life. Why am I here? Why me? and is there something beyond this life. We seek comfort in the hope that is something else, that this is not the end. I found myself fascinated by the paranormal. I want there to be something else.

Sensitivity towards others

Our own fragility and mortal awareness makes us aware of the same in others. We learn to be more patient, and yet personally I also find it frustrating when people moan about life. I'm not dismissing their problem, I just want them to see the bigger picture and not ruin their life by stressing over the small stuff. I want people to be happy, do what makes their soul happy. Be kind and don't hurt another human being.


We learn the art of persistence by not giving up and fighting for our life. We learn that we must persevere with treatment, even if it makes us ill. We must go to that appointment even if we're dreading it. We learn we can not give up.

Appreciation of others

We appreciate the help others are able to give us when we are weak mentally and physically - mostly we just appreciate having others in our lives. Knowing someone is there, knowing that you are not alone in the fight. Knowing we are loved.

Responsiveness to nature

Nature takes on a whole new meaning and level. You literally stop and smell the roses. You see beauty in everything and in the magnificence in the changing of the seasons. The brilliance of the colours and textures around you. The feel of the grass beneath your feet and the wind in your hair. How it all happens by itself, how it always has and how it always will and how lucky we are to experience it.

When a life is touched with almost ending, you have to conjure up unimaginable strength to move on.

I learned from all of this never to take life for granted

Love Tx

Post inspired by Kathryn Marlow's 'Fear of Recurrence' Course. If you would like more details or to find out how you can take part visit:



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