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Health: I've found a new workout and it's rubbish!

I'm more of a meatballs and furnishings gal when it comes Scandi-style but those beautiful Scandinavians are now sliding into our exercise routines!

Firstly, if you're like me, you might be saying 'What exercise routine?' Well, if the idea of shifting the cellulite and achieving a pert derriere isn't enough to encourage you to dig out those well hidden trainers, then the thought of helping the environment just might.

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece on Zero Waste and the complex issue of packaging; not only is there not enough research into the effects of plastics on our health but we get through an astonishing 78 millions tons of it per year. 

The Scandinavians have come up with a solution; a combination of jogging and picking up litter, otherwise known as plogging (or plocka upp) as it's known in Sweden where it's actually been around since 2016

The idea is that on your jog, when you spot a piece of rubbish or abandoned plastic, you stop and pick it up. In the process you are adding bending, squatting and stretching to your (ahem) daily run. 

The good news is it's free (which means you save on the gym membership affording you extra treats elsewhere- and we all want those) All you need is your running gear (Don't have any?  Try somewhere like Decathlon or Primark for affordable sportswear), a bag for your booty (i.e litter - I took a carrier bag rather than a bin bag to look less womble-like), gloves (or remember to use your bag to pick the items up, because Lordy, you don't know where it's been) then stick your favourite music on and off you go.

I'd suggest a set of wireless headphones. Carrying your bag and all that bending you do not want those pesky wires getting in your way. I found some very reasonably priced ones on (The site features the best deals, offers, promos and voucher codes for major UK retailers) Cheap wireless headphones have recently started to approach standards of sound quality of corded headphones too. Check out Bluetooth headphones, ideal for music on the go, or if your device is older try infrared headphones or UHF headphones. Simply plug the receiver into the headphone plug.

The act of listening to your favourite tunes as you plog is beneficial for two reasons. Firstly music always makes things better (maybe we can expect 'Now that's what I call plogging') secondly, passers-by may give you some confused looks so thankfully sound cancelling headphones will avoid any odd accompanying comments and drawn out conversations about plogging if you just want to get your workout done and over with (I know I do!) Why not make a playlist of happy music as exercise has also proven to be beneficial in helping lift low mood.  Come back with a huge smile on your face and people will wonder what you've been up to!

I decided to tackle the plastics problem, today the path along the side of the golf course - tomorrow the world. Impressively there was actually very little waste plastic. My half hour plog culminated in just three plastic bottles, a plastic cup, a contact lens case and a plastic fork. Maybe it was a small amount - but imagine the difference to our planet if we all did this (sorry, I seem to have morphed into a hybrid of John Lennon and David Attenborough) anyway, you get my point. So maybe next time I'll pick up more than just plastics.

There are even competitive plogging groups. Gather a group of pals, plog and see who can collect the most rubbish.

Will you be having a go?

Love T xx 



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