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Health: Those Annoying Health Problems, And What You Can Do To Resolve Them

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Generally, our bodies work well. But sometimes they let us down, regardless of our age. Often, health conditions put a serious damper on our lives. I should know. On occasion, though, they're just plain annoying. 

Here are some of the most annoying health conditions out there, and what you can do to resolve them. 

Ringing In Your Ears - Tinnitus

Tinnitus is usually described as a "continuous ringing in your ears with no external cause." But that's not exactly how it works. Most people hear a buzzing, rubbing or scratching sound that persists for many hours at a time. 

Needless to say, tinnitus is annoying to say the least. My ex suffers terribly and so I know it can make you irritable and also depressed - so much so that many people seek cognitive behavioural therapy. But, fortunately, there are ways you can fight back.

Your best bet is to opt for hearing aids. These amplify incoming sounds which help to stimulate the part of the brain that processes sound. The more input you provide, the less likely it is to hallucinate sounds.  Before you decide that this is definitely tinnitus, you need to see a hearing health professional. With premium private hearing care, you can get an appointment quickly without waiting around for too long. Your hearing is one of those things that you should never neglect, so you should invest in it when you can and go for private care. Tinnitus cannot be cured, but it can be managed and drowned out with the right help!


Short-sightedness is yet another irritating condition. Usually, it is the result of a mismatch between the lens of the eye and the distance to the retina. Both have to line up perfectly for vision to work properly. If they don’t, then it can be difficult to see near-view objects. 

Fortunately, there is a solution: look for some glasses that accommodate the issue. They adjust the path of the light coming into the eye, correcting for the mismatch. 

A Tickly Cough

In the current climate this can be extremely worrying. If you have a new, persistent dry cough, then it could be a sign that you have COVID-19. If, however, you have a tickle in the back of your throat that precedes the current pandemic, then it could be for all sorts of reasons. It could be because you smoke or it could be down something like pollen, but not always. 

Fortunately, help is available. A cough specialist can examine your airways and throat and recommend techniques to reduce symptoms. Sometimes, they can clear up your condition completely, allowing you to get on and live a normal life. 


Migraines are not only annoying but can be downright painful. The moment you lose a patch of your vision, you know that you're in for a rough ride. Thankfully I've only had a few.The first time I had one I was worried sick what was happening with my vision. Migraines usually start relatively painlessly. They can affect you to different degrees but before long you can end up in bed, the lights are off, and you feel sick to your stomach. 

Researchers still don't have a good handle on what causes migraines, but the leading theory is that it has something to do with changes in the brightness of the light. Sitting in front of a computer screen all day or stepping outside into bright sunshine can be a trigger. 

Dealing with migraines isn't easy. You may find that wearing tinted sunglasses while working indoors or outside can help to some degree. 


I had Eczema terribly as a kid. I would scratch my hands and behind my knees until they were raw. Eventually I thankfully grew out of it, although my hands still get dry. Eczema is, unfortunately, a common skin condition that affects thousands of people across the country. It causes the skin to chap and flake, depriving it of its normal moisture levels. If allowed to progress untreated, the skin can crack, bleed, and become infected. 

There are things that you can do to help though. 

The first is to improve your diet. Often what you put into your body can determine the quality of your skin. If you're eating all the wrong things, then it can lead to autoimmune conditions, like eczema. 

Second, avoid any external substances, especially soaps, that could make the condition worse. Soap strips the skin of its protective oily barrier, leaving it dry and exposed. For example, washing up liquid can be a trigger for me. I also worked behind a bar in my teens and handling beer also caused problems.

Finally, try using creams to soothe the affected areas if the moisture does not return. Your Doctor may prescribe cream to help the situation or something such as E45 is available over the counter, which can help.

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