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Home: 3 Easy Ways To Revolutionise Your Living Room

Our living rooms are an area of the home where we spend a lot of our time.

We might enjoy spending time there watching a movie, catching up with a good book in an evening, or we might use the space for a party or two. Living spaces are made for just that - living in. They need to be conducive to your lifestyle as well as giving you the creative opportunity to unleash your personality and flair through your home decor design. You can revolutionise your living room interior in three simple ways.

Focal Point

A living room should have a focal point, whether this is a feature wall, a fireplace or a designer coffee table. Don’t try and capture all three within your living room otherwise your space can feel too full. Instead opt for one focal point. If you fancy creating a cozy ambience for your room, think about a fireplace. Woodburners can create a gorgeous old fashioned feel with open fires and kiln dried wood scents filling the space. Alternatively, you could go for the more modern designs from a company like Real Flame with their sleek integrated fireplaces complete with flue. On a cold winter evening, there’s nothing better than settling down in front of a cosy fire.


For many a beige or off white carpet is the very pinnacle of sleek interior design for a living room, but you may want to opt for something a little more daring to change up the look of your living space. If you adore the lush feel of carpet, look at deeper piles and patterns. If carpet is not your thing, why not see if your original floorboards are up to scratch. If they aren’t, oak effect flooring or laminate from the local DIY store can create the same modern or minimalist effect.


White walls look crisp and clean. This can be the perfect colour for those rooms that are small to try and create the illusion of space or for those rooms that need to maximise every ray of natural light. You don’t have to go minimalist. There are alternatives. Perhaps you’re keen on experimenting with pattern. Wallpapers can be the perfect way to whip up some geometric patterns or retro inspired designs. Or maybe, you'd like to play it safe and source some gorgeous wall art. Movie posters or old photographs can be awesome additions to your living space. Go with something personal to you, and you could find yourself with unique design pieces for your living room.

So you don’t have to be a design guru to revolutionise your living space. Think about the sorts of trends that you like, and go with them. Pick pieces that you personally adore. Follow these three simple steps and have fun with your interior.

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