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Home: Adding an Annexe to your home - Things to keep in mind

There are days when the thought of having a parent living in an annexe might seem cute...and days when it would seem like the worst idea EVER!

But adding an annexe, or a 'granny flat', to your home might cross your mind for a number of reasons. Having a parent or other elderly relative move in, still allows them some independence. Maybe you want a space for guests or even for a lodger. An annexe could be an extension of your existing home, a converted space or sometimes a separate building. If you're thinking of building one, you should keep in mind a variety of things that will affect the decisions that you might make. Here are some key things to remember.

The Benefits of a Granny Flat

The benefits of a granny flat are essential to consider before deciding if building one is right for you. Firstly, an annexe can be used for a number of purposes. If it's not intended for an older or disabled relative who needs some support but wants to maintain their independence, it can be used for several other purposes. It gives you a separate space that's connected to your main home, but usually has a separate bathroom and perhaps even a kitchenette. This means it can be used independently of the main house. Adding one to your home would even raise the value of your property.


Designing the Annexe: Convert or Construct?

When you're thinking of adding an annexe to your home, you could convert an existing space or you could construct a new one. Suitable spaces for conversion could include a basement or attic, or perhaps an outbuilding such as a barn. Converting an existing space might save you money and could save you time and effort too. However, it's not an option that's available or suitable for everyone. If you have the extra land, extending your home could be the better option. It means you can build everything as you want it, without having to work around what's already there.

Who Is It For? Considering Needs

When you're planning the space, you need to consider who it's for if you want it to have all of the necessary features. For example, if you're building it for someone who has mobility issues or uses a wheelchair, you will need to design it accordingly. You might think about including features such as rails and handles, wider door frames, a walk-in bath and other features that will make it easier to get around. If you already know who is moving in, it's best to communicate with them about what they want.

Get All the Right Contractors

Quality work is essential when making changes to your home. Finding the right contractors can be a minefield and it's always best to get several quotes. You could have a lot of questions, like what does a level 2 electrician do? A level 2 electrician is one of the professionals you're going to need help from for the wiring for the space. You will also need a plumber, builder and other contractors to help you complete the project.

An annexe can be a great space to add to your home, and it's often a good way to keep your family together, but before you go ahead, make sure you give it some serious thought.

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