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Home: Five Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

When you buy your home, usually you've fallen in love with it and chances are, you aren't thinking about the day when you will sell it to move to pastures new. You will be wanting to put your own stamp on it and make this house your home. However, realistically that doesn't mean you won't ever want to move again or that you shouldn't.

So what happens when that time comes? Well, firstly you don't want to be in a position where you can't sell your home, have to lower the asking price or end up in negative equity.

So how can you look at adding value to your home or at least, minimise the risk of losing money should you come to sell?

Renovate the Bathroom

One of the reasons a property may hang around on the market is down to an unsuitable bathroom, so if you are looking to add value to your home, the bathroom is a good place to start.

You want to aim for a sleek, modern and practical bathroom. Walk-in showers or wet rooms hold appeal with the masses, however keeping the bath is a must for those with young families and people like myself that can't imagine not being able to have a good old soak. (Look for shower deal seal if you're adding a whole new shower)

There are a few other features that you can add to a bathroom to increase its value:

  • Vanity units could help to add storage to hide away toiletries while also adding some sophistication to the room.

  • Damp proof decor could help to protect the walls while serving as a stylish feature. Think ornate tiles, or even these glass splashbacks from Custom Splashbacks.

  • Update any dated bathroom fixtures and opt for a neutral colour palette. Leave the avocado bathroom suite in the 70s.

Double Glazed Windows

The windows to your home help form a first impression. You've heard of curb appeal, right? the first impression potential buyers of your house will see, so making sure your windows are up to scratch is essential. Think energy-efficient windows that not only look good but also help to keep bills lower too.


The kitchen is the heart of the home. With most families, you can guarantee that everyone will naturally gravitate towards the kitchen even if it isn’t mealtime.

For this reason alone, many homes are sold on the size and practicality of the kitchen. If you can only invest in one room in the house, then choosing the kitchen would be a wise choice. It is worth bearing in mind that a new well-planned kitchen can add 5 - 15% to the resale value of your home.


It is true that a lot of people choose to add an extension as an alternative to moving. That doesn't mean you shouldn't add an extension if you can. If it will benefit your family, and you have the correct planning permissions, then it is viable to go ahead with plans.

Most extensions are used to add more room to the kitchen area of the home and to add an extra bedroom or bathroom upstairs. Double-storey extensions will, of course, add greater value when you come to sell.


A well-landscaped garden, either front or rear will have a positive impact on the price you can get when you come to sell your home. Not only will it give it a good first impression - how you tend your garden reflects on how you keep house in most people's minds. It will also give potential buyers a good idea of how to make the most of the space themselves and take away the worry of a garden makeover.

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