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Home: Giant Garden Games For Summer Fun

Take a look on the net and you will see the range of giant garden games that are available. 

But how do you decide which of the popular games will be the best for you and your family. From Giant Jenga to Giant Darts; take a read of my guide for all you need to know.

Giant Jenga 

We have to begin with Giant Jenga. If you’ve never played Giant Jenga before then you are seriously missing out. 

So, what is the concept? You have 60 rectangular blocks of wood. Before the game can begin you need to build a steady tower whereby the wood is all tightly compact together. Begin by placing three blocks facing down next to one and other. Then put another three blocks on top – facing the opposite direction. Then put another three blocks again but go back to the facing down pattern. Repeat this process until all of the blocks are used and the tower has been built. 

To begin Giant Jenga the first player will take one block from the tower – they will take it from wherever they like. Once they have successfully removed the block they then need to place it on top of the tower. The next person takes their go and they do exactly the same thing. The individual who loses Giant Jenga is the one who removes a block and causes the tower to fall. Thus, when you are removing your blocks you should always go for those that look like they are going to be easy to extract. You don’t get any extra points for trying to be clever! 

Giant Jenga is much better than the original smaller version. Of course you get the benefit of being able to play it outside on a warm summer’s day (as you do with all of the games mentioned in this article) – but that is not the only attraction. Because Giant Jenga pieces are much bigger in size it makes it a lot easier for children to play because the features are not as finicky. Nevertheless, don’t write this off as the easier version of Jenga. Remember; the bigger the game, the bigger the tower, the bigger the loser! Thus, keeping this tower standing can be a tricky task! 

In fact, the tower is approximately 64 cm tall when it is complete. Of course when you master the art of Giant Jenga it will become higher as you put more and more pieces on the top. Furthermore, the block sizes are as follows; 21 cm in length x 5 cm in width x 3.4 cm in height. This should give you a better idea of how huge the game is. 

Giant Connect 4

Connect 4 has long been a popular game for kids and adults alike. You have to be one step ahead of your opponent at all times to win. One mistake can easily cost you the entire game.

If you've never played it before, where have you been? The game for two players – however you could always play in teams if you wish to incorporate more people, or you can sit and relax on your garden furniture while you watch the kids play. There is a board which has holes in the middle for you to drop your counters into. There are six rows with seven holes in each and seven columns with six holes in each. The first player begins by taking his or her red counter and slotting it into one of the rows. The next player takes their turn and slots the blue counter into one of the rows. The winner of the game is the first person to connect 4. This can be horizontally, vertically or diagonally. 

Warning; this game is definitely addictive! You will be asking for a rematch when you realise how your opponent advantaged on your move to win. 

Giant Snakes and Ladders

Who doesn’t love Snakes and Ladders? If you have never played this game before then you have most definitely been hiding under a rock for too long! Most of you will know the concept but just encase you don’t...

The game consists of 100 square grid marked from one to 100. Your goal is to beat your opponent to the finish. You can jump ahead by landing on a ladder, but avoid the snakes which mean you have to slide down to a lower position. 

So, what is the different between giant Snakes and Ladders and the traditional version? Similarly to Giant Jenga, the fun is definitely enhanced. You don’t get counters with this game because each player acts as their own counter. That’s right; you move across the board. The dice is also inflatable as well. 

In fact, if you have a look online then you will see there are a lot of websites that offer this game as a 2-in-1. This means that on the reverse side of the Snakes and Ladders mat there will be another game too. One of the best ones I found has to be the Giant Snakes and Ladders and Tangled 2-in-1 set. Tangled is just like Twister. You spin the spinner and you will be given a colour as well as left hand, right hand, left foot or right hand. You will then have to match the said hand or foot to the colour in question. If you fall or can’t do the move then you are out of the game.

So, not only are you benefiting from two games for the price of one, but they are also much bigger in size when compared to their original versions. It doesn’t get much more fun than this! 

Giant Darts

The standard version of darts is obviously far too dangerous for children to play. The last thing you want to do is finish a game with a trip to the hospital.Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about that, but you can still have all the fun associated with the game. How? Giant outdoor darts! 

This classic game has been adapted into a modern version that is enjoyable for all. The set comes complete with a throwing ring and six different darts; two red darts, two blue darts, and two yellow darts. And as you've probably guessed; the darts are supersized. 

This is definitely a game for all the family to enjoy. But remember; you will need to have grass for this game to work. After all, you need the darts to stick when you throw them. Apart from grass there are no other requirements. 

So, the only question that remains is; do you think you can be the first to hit the bull’s eye? 

Giant Dominoes 

So we have had Giant Jenga, Giant Snakes and Ladders, Giant Darts and Giant Connect 4, and now the last one on the list is Giant Dominoes. If you haven’t played dominoes before then you are given a selection of rectangular blocks. Each block has a number on one side and one number on the other as well. The key is to match one of your dominoes to one of the two loose ends on the board. So one and one would be matched together, two and two would be joined together and so on.

The giant version is made from foam and it is great fun when considering its size too (18 cm in length x 10 cm in width x 2cm in depth per domino). Not only is this more enjoyable, but the material also makes it a lot easier for children as they will be able to easily move the domino.. And if that wasn’t enough, the best websites selling this product offer it along with a box and carry handle; making it easy to store and take anywhere with you. 

Whether you are a dominoes fan, or you have a thing for numbers, or you are simply looking for a bit of fun; you will love this giant garden game.

Which are your favourites?

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