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Home: How To Bring A Touch Of Nature To Your Home

In a fast-paced, tech-heavy world, it is often that case that many of us flock to the coast or secluded woodland to escape from it all.

So its not surprising that more and more people are looking for ways to recreate that natural environment in their own homes? 

And while you don’t have to go to the lengths of growing a tree in the middle of your house to get the feel you are looking for you might want to check out a few of these tips to help you achieve the look you are going for. 


There is never, or at least rarely, going to be a post that talks about natural elements in your home that doesn’t talk about plants. They are easy to move, easy (in most cases) to maintain and are the epitome of bringing the outside indoors. Look around the space that you want to enrich, and there are probably many places that you can place a tall standing plant or small pots on shelves with succulents in them. 

There are some very cool pot designs that adhere to the wall, and the glass look of them makes the plants almost appear to be floating - which is pretty cool!

You can choose any style of plant that you love and play around moving them around the room with them. If you have pets or young children, research a bit to make sure the ones you pick are non-toxic. It is worth also doing some research into which plants are said to improve air quality around the home.


You really want to let in as much natural light as possible. When it is sunny, the rays will light up the room, and when it rains, you will get those moody grey hues too. A great way to do this is to have some french doors installed. In the summer you can leave them open all day to fill the house with the breeze, and in the winter or those rainy nights, they are very relaxing sit near and listen to the sound of the rain from the warmth inside.

You might also want to dress windows with lighter, brighter materials so that you don’t have any heavy curtains inhibiting and of that extra light you are hoping for. 

Natural Materials

Of course, if you fill a space with metal and glass, it is going to feel modern and industrial. So, if you're planning to switch, take your time but begin swapping ultra modern furniture for its natural material counterpart. Wood is the obvious choice, but you don’t have to go for polished pieces, you could go for more rustic feeling items if you want to. 

Wooden frames surrounding paintings or prints of trees, leaves, and animals will add a nice touch, while furniture with green tones will aid the natural feel. Often people will use shells and pebbles from beaches too. 

Try to stick with the colors that you see more when you go for a walk in the woods. Browns, earthy tones, stone greys, sky blues, and some sunset colors will bring the outside - inside in a really big way. And, burning a candle with a sea breeze scent or perhaps a lavender will help that too. 

What are your tips for bringing the outside in?

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