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Home: How To Bring The Outside Into Your Home

I love the cosiness of the winter months but after a while they can really make you feel as though you’ve been stuck indoors with no sign of nature forever.

With the ice and snow forecast to relentlessly rid the environment of plants, animals and even sunlight, it can be tough thinking that you can't spend time getting some fresh air without feeling freezing. However, there are a few ways that can bring some of the outside in without the added chill, and they couldn’t be easier!

So, if you want to add a sprinkle of nature to your home this year, then read on to uncover some of the best tips and tricks that you can make the most of today!

Plants Galore

There are a rich variety of different plants that actually thrive indoors and can exist perfectly without the need for direct sunlight or specific living conditions, and these are the perfect investments to help add some life to your home. Indoor plants can be succulents such as cacti, flowers, fruits, vegetables and so much more, so it’s completely up to you which kinds you choose to care for. Growing your own herbs to use in the kitchen is set to be a big trend in 2020 too. Of course, some require a little more attention than others, however this is often no more than watering or feeding the plant as well as opening windows regularly to change the air inside the room. Some, such as Aloe Vera and the Peace Lilly are also said to be beneficial to our health in that they help cleaning the air around us.

Prints & Patterns 

Prints and patterns can either add to your design dramatically or detract from your homes aesthetic and make you it feel cluttered and overpowering. In order to bring the outside in, opting for animal related prints such as leopard, tiger, zebra or snake can give you a great exotic theme, and these prints are typically associated with warm and sunny climates which can increase the feel of your homes temperature too. As well as animals, prints that include things like leaves, petals, shells, or anything else that you would consider natural can be a great alternative. As we move toward Spring, try bringing more into your home to change up the aesthetic with the seasons.

No Garden? No Worries 

If you don’t have access to a garden, it can feel as though you have no contact with Mother Nature. Fortunately it needn’t be like this, as even the smallest balcony can be updated with artificial grass to give you a little space to retreat outside, or you could invest in a window box. As well as this, simply opening your blinds, curtains and windows on a more regular basis will help you to feel as though there is less of an obvious division between you and the environment, and the fresh air will remind you of the frosty temperatures and why you should stay comfy at home!

Bringing the outside into your home has never been so easy. You don’t need to have a huge garden to make the most of Mother Nature, as by investing in some indoor plants and transforming your decor with animal and plant prints, you can create your own slice of eco-heaven in no time at all.

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