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Home: How to Create a Home That is Stylish AND Easy to Maintain

Research shows that around half of people spend at least five hours per week cleaning their homes? FIVE HOURS!!

Housework is a necessary task, but one that many people would rather avoid. I mean life is too short, right?

One way to cut down the time spent cleaning your home is to make it easier to maintain. When planning an interior design scheme, many people are torn between choosing a scheme that requires minimal maintenance and opting for the stylish home of their dreams. Yet, it is entirely possible to create a home that is stylish and easy to maintain.

Wondering how to get started? Read on...

Ditch the Clutter

The first thing that you need to tackle in your home is clutter. Clutter is the enemy of stylish homes and certainly makes your home harder to clean; so the clutter has to go. Having piles of clutter lying around not only looks untidy but it also generates a lot of dust.

Decluttering your home may sound even less appealing than doing the housework, but it will be worth it. It is a wise idea to start small and to work on one room at a time. Focusing your attention on just one area of the home at a time will help you see the results of your efforts faster, and will help you to stay motivated. 

It’s surprising how much of a difference decluttering can make, so taking the time to declutter is well worth the effort to help you cut down on cleaning time in the long run (You could even make yourself a bit of extra money in the process by selling your unwanted items on something like EBay or Facebook Market Place.

Choose Stylish Simplicity

Simplicity can be stylish. In fact, creating a home using simplistic elements can add some serious wow factor to your interior design with the added benefit of making your rooms easier to maintain. 

The bathroom is one of the most time-consuming areas of the home to clean. Scrubbing away at the bathtub, and polishing the glass of your shower cubicle can certainly take up a lot of your time, and become a frustrating task. One way to add some style to your bathroom and cut down on cleaning time is to transform it into a wetroom. Wetrooms are a perfect solution to bathroom cleaning woes. With a wetroom, there is no shower screen to polish, and no bathtub to scrub. Installing a wet room offers a sleek design, and the absence of shower screens and shower trays make the room appear far more spacious too.

Re-Think Your Flooring

The floor is one of the hardest working areas of the home, and the most prone to wear and tear. Floors are subjected to a lot on a daily basis from muddy shoes to spilled drinks. Each of these can leave your flooring looking unloved and tatty. Carpets can be especially difficult to maintain and can look worn very quickly. A scruffy-looking floor can impact on the overall appearance of your house in a negative way and certainly won’t help you in your quest to achieve a stylish home.

If you are bored of constantly vacuuming your carpets with little improvement in their appearance, then it is time to re-think your flooring. Choosing a hardwearing floor doesn’t have to be simply a practical choice. In fact, tiles and hardwood flooring will help your home to look stylish, while being incredibly easy to maintain. It is much easier to keep a solid floor surface looking great for longer, as it is able to withstand lots of use.

The Importance of Storage

Storage may not be the most exciting subject, but it is crucial to consider your storage options in your home if you don’t want to spend all your time cleaning. Having enough storage in your home will help you to cut down on cleaning time, as there will be fewer items to attract dust.

Introducing extra storage to your home is also the ideal way to keep it looking stylish. The addition of attractive furniture pieces that offer storage space are not only a great way to add extra design elements to your room, they also help you to keep your day to day items out of view and tidied away. 

So you see, it is possible to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning and to create a stylish home, leaving you free to enjoy your newly styled living space.

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