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Home: How To Make Your Garden Child Friendly

A lot of parents complain that their children “don’t play outside anymore.” And this is generally true - there are fewer children outside than in previous decades.

But it’s worthwhile thinking about why this could be. It’s not like the children have much say in where they spend their time, is it? It’s the parents that give them iPads and smartphones. Children will play outside if they’re able to!, and one way to do this is to set up your garden so that it’s child-friendly.

Take a look at my tips below, and you might just find that you and they are happy for them to play outside.

Get Rid of the Pond

I find a pond and a water feature relaxing but if you have children then it’s really important that there are no pools of water in your garden. They can be incredibly dangerous, especially for young children. Indeed, a garden with a water feature that isn’t covered will always be a threat to children. You can make it safer by removing any ponds and the like from your outdoor space. Not only are they high maintenance, but there are other ways to add beauty to your garden without the need for water.

Other Dangers

You’ll also want to take steps to reduce any other threats from the garden, too. In an outdoor area, there can be a lot! If you have a big garden, then there might be old debris that could cause injury, for example. If your garden is a popular place for insects, then take care of them too. A bee removal expert will make your garden a much safer space for your children. Don't forget to lock away any sharp or dangerous gardening tools and check if any of the plants growing in your garden are harmful if swallowed. You should also look at the less obvious dangers, such as trees for example. Are they of such a height that your child might be inspired to climb them? If so, remove the branches that would make this an option.

Place to Play

Your child might naturally see your garden as a wonderful outdoor playground, but this isn’t necessarily the case. As such, it might be a good idea to set up your own little garden play area where your children can have fun. This could take many forms. You might buy garden toys, or you might go all-natural. Children love getting their hands in the mud and generally being wild, but they don’t always have an opportunity to do so in well-maintained gardens. Set aside a corner of the outdoor space for them. 

Add Grass

A paved garden is just crying out for scraped knees. Add grass instead; it has many benefits, including for your children. Your kids will be able to play and jump around, knowing that a soft landing is always guaranteed. 

A Room With a View 

Finally, look at improving the view from your home to your garden. You’ll feel much better about letting your children play outdoors if they’re always within your line of sight. You could add a big window in your kitchen, for example, so you can keep an eye on them when you’re cleaning the dishes. 

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