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Home: How To Make Your Home Reflect Your Personality

Our homes are a great reflection of our personality.

No matter how you alter it structurally, the little things like a pair of heels next to the front door will tell a story, perhaps of a late night on the town and one too many at the wine bar.

However, you probably want to put a more personal stamp on your home which illustrates the story of you and your family. But how can you do that? We all have our best intentions but are bound to get things wrong from time to time. Remember, absolute perfection is impossible, but we can get very close to reflecting our personality in our homes, and this can be achieved in the following ways:

Be Realistic

Being realistic about the best home design can not only help the home reflect your personality, but it can do so in less of a fantasised manner. For example, it might be that while you wish for every single room to reflect your love of baking, ideally someone will reign you in before you plaster every single wall in the house with cupcake decor. However, this may be fantastic when stencilling or lining the kitchen surface walls, minimally applied. Less is more, and when you keep within the bounds of reason, you can have a larger impact.

Bringing Out The Best

It can be very important to bring the best out of your home if you hope to apply your personality, but sometimes, figuring out just what may work for you can be a tough job. This is where the excellent service of an architect can come into play, as they inspect your home thoroughly, draw up accurate floor plans and dimensions, and come to the most intelligently crafted results, that not only help you gain some authorial intent over your property but to apply that in the most appreciative form. You’d be surprised just how effective this can be.

A Family Affair

Representing your family story or history within your home can be a great idea. Why not create a collage with the story of your family or it might be that purchasing and installing a fantastic display cabinet can help your daughter realise just how proud of her you are of her athletic achievements, or you could frame prints of a family photoshoot. Adding a personal touch can be something truly special.

What advice would you give to make your home represent your personality?

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