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Home: How To Prepare Your Garden For Winter

Now we're into September the weather is already starting to feel a little more autumnal.

If you're like me then you're probably thinking about pumpkin scented candles and hot water bottles, but before we snuggle down under the duvet for a Netflix marathon there's a few last minute jobs we need to do in the garden before winter sets in.

Remove dead plants

Rotting plants can provide the perfect conditions for disease and fungus which could affect their living neighbours. Rather than let old, finished plants rot in your garden, clear them away and add them to your compost heap or bury them in trenches where their nutrients can work towards feeding the soil for the next growing season.

Build a shed or outbuilding

To protect garden equipment, lounger cushions and other outdoor items from damage over the winter, consider investing in a sturdy outbuilding or shed to keep items sheltered from the weather. There are many companies such as Vale Stables who can provide a variety of outbuildings to suit every space and budget and the money spent investing in the storage space will be recuperated when you don’t need to then buy new garden furniture or equipment the following year. A nice outbuilding will also provide you with a sheltered space to continue outdoor garden work when the weather turns and could even be a cosy place to hideaway and have a cuppa.

Clear out your shed or outbuilding

If you already have an outbuilding or a shed then now is the time to clear them out, take stock of what is in there and make room for any new items you need to store over the winter months. Keeping your sheds clean and tidy will help stop spiders and other wildlife from moving in and damaging your belongings. It's a chore but doing this at least annually will help you keep on top of things. If you haven't already done so this year then it's also your chance to give any sheds a last minute lick of varnish.

Gather fallen leaves

Although we aren’t quite there yet, it’s nearly time for the leaves to turn their beautiful amber colours and fall from the trees. I'm still a big kid when it comes to kicking trough the leaves but Autumn leaves are often referred to as gardeners gold, so collect them and use them for compost, mulch or leaf mould to improve your soil in preparation for the spring growing season.

Keep the grass short

Grass begins to grow more slowly as the winter months approach. Keep mowing as late into the autumn as you can until the grass stops growing and slowly lower the mower blade each cut so that you can get a nice short crop without shocking the grass. Shorter grass not only looks better over winter but it also protects new growth and limits the amount of damage that can be caused should you receive heavy snow. If you properly prepare the lawn during the autumn months then nothing will need to be done to it until the warmer days and spring arrive once more. 

So it’s time to get out in the garden, make the most of the last of the longer days, the last few weeks of warmth and sunshine and get cracking on with your last few garden chores. 

And if you fancy helping me with mine I'll stick the kettle on and provide the biscuits!

Love Tx



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