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Home: How To Turn An Old Bedroom Fireplace Into An Amazing Feature

In the past, fireplaces were the main source of heating in houses, so a lot of older properties have them in the bedrooms.

These days, most of those old fireplaces are sadly out of action and when people move into the house, they don’t really know what to do with them. But they don’t need to be an unused waste of space because if you style them correctly, they can make an amazing feature. The original one in my home had been ripped out, so I sourced one and had it fitted. It's only decorative but is a great focal point.

Here’s how you can style an old fireplace in your bedroom.

Restore It

The obvious thing to do is restore the fireplace and get it up and running again. Having a working fireplace in your bedroom creates a cosy, welcoming atmosphere that you can’t wait to get back to at the end of a hard day. But the reason that a lot of people don’t go for this option is that it’s quite expensive and managing a log burner is a lot of work, not to mention the safety issues. Often, the chimneys are bricked up too, so putting in a working fire isn’t an option. However, if you invest in the most realistic flame effect electric fires, you can get the same effect. A good modern electric fire can look almost exactly the same as a real one and they can be installed easily in your old bedroom fireplace to bring it back to life.

Add Some Candles

You might decide that you like the idea of an open fire but putting a log fire in isn’t an option and you don’t want to install a fully-fledged electric fire. In this case, candles are a good alternative. The empty fireplace space looks great with some nice big candles in there and you still get the open fire effect. Just make sure that you are being safe and you put them out properly before you go to sleep.

Turn It Into Storage

If you have an inset area into the wall where a fireplace used to be, it can feel like it’s a bit of wasted space in the room. But you can easily make it functional by turning it into storage. Putting a few small shelves up gives you a great place to store books or ornamental pieces, turning it into a great functional feature instead of a dead space. This is a particularly good option if you have a small home and you are looking for clever ways to save space and boost storage.

Style The Mantelpiece

The mantelpiece above the fireplace is a great opportunity for adding some interesting decor to the room. You can style the mantelpiece with lots of great ornamental items and accessories like I have, and add some art or a mirror to top it all off.

Adding a mirror can create the illusion of space and it’s a great functional addition to the room.

If you get creative when styling the mantelpiece, you can add more personality to the room and make the fireplace a central feature.

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