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Furnishing Your First Home On A Tight Budget

Moving into your first home is likely to be expensive. You may find that you don’t have much money left over to spend on furnishing it. Fortunately, it doesn't have to cost a fortune to furnish your first home.

Here are a few tips on how to save money when furnishing your first home.

Consider used furniture and appliances

Used stuff is always cheaper than new stuff. In fact if you've ever tried to resell anything, you'll know how prices depreciate. The likes of Gumtree, Facebook and Craigslist are great places to find cheap used furniture and appliances within your local area. You may even find some people giving away old furniture and appliances for free.

Charity shops and second-hand stores may also have stuff for sale. These can sometimes be more reliable places to buy second-hand furniture and appliances.

Always take time to inspect the condition of used items before buying them. When it comes to big items, you may need to find someone with a big enough vehicle to pick up the item for you.

Shop online for discounts

You can still grab deals on new furniture and appliances. By shopping online you may be able to find deals such as discount beds and half-price sofas. These deals are likely to only be temporary so make sure to buy when you have a chance.

It’s worth noting that flat-pack furniture tends to be cheaper than pre-assembled furniture. They tend not to cost as much to deliver due to being more compact. You may even be able to pick them up from a store to save money on delivery altogether.

Be careful buying items on finance

Some stores allow you to pay for furniture or appliances in instalments. In some cases, this will be without interest, but in other cases you’ll have to pay interest charges - which could add up in the long run.

You don’t want to be taking out too many items on finance as it could drastically add to your monthly payments. It can be hard to budget ahead when you’ve only just moved into your home, however it’s something you should try to learn to do as early as possible so that you're not taking out loans that you can't afford.

Use your close network

Parents and other family members may have furniture that they can donate to you. It’s not uncommon for people to keep onto inherited items in their loft - check whether there are any items that relatives may be able to give to you.

When it comes to decorating your home, you may also know friends or family members that could help. This could be useful for jobs like painting or laying carpets if necessary.


You may be able to save money by putting your DIY skills to the test. Jobs like decorating the walls are tasks that you may be able to do yourself.

I'd love to know if you have any other tips?

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