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Garden: Makeovers Your Garden Is Begging For This Spring

Generally speaking, I take care of my gardens. But it is surprising just how easily it can get out of control once Spring arrives. A bit of sunshine, along with the usual rain means things can become overgrown quickly, leading to, let's face it, an unsightly mess.

Now then is the time to start thinking about your landscaping. If your garden is begging for a makeover, take a read of this post for some of the garden makeovers you can do to bring it back up to standard. Check out these ideas.

Create A Hidden Patio

Is there a part of your garden that is always overgrown or unused?

If so, then a hidden patio could help.

The idea here is to avoid doing battle with nature altogether and simply create a usable space that doesn’t require continuous work.

Pick a spot at the back of your garden, or surrounded by trees, and then start putting down pavers. You can even create a low wall around it to mark the area. Then, once that’s done, sprinkle the surroundings with gravel and add chairs and a table.

This way, you can turn somewhere you’re not currently using into an attractive oasis that’s always going to provide you with a relaxing place to rest.

Hide Your Utilities

A lot of homes have exterior (and unsightly) utilities, like air conditioning units, bins and outlet pipes.

While all these home features are essential, you don’t necessarily want to look at them while gardening.

Fortunately, hiding your utilities is a piece of cake: just add some fencing around them, leaving a small gap. You can also buy ready made units which conceal your dustbins.

Remove Overgrown Trees

While most trees in your garden add to its appeal, there are always one or two that get in the way. If you have damaged or dangerous trees (or trees that ruin the appearance of your garden), then you should consider tree removal.

Don’t try to do this yourself. Instead, ask a professional about their opinion of a particular tree and whether it needs to come down. Remember, sometimes trees can pose a threat to your property.

Get Rid Of Annoying Slopes

When builders built your house, their primary concern was to make sure the foundations were level. They didn’t consider the surrounding slopes or natural lay of the land in your garden. And that means that a lot of gardens have unwanted undulations.

Removing these can be a bit of an effort. But it is well worth it. It opens up your space and allows you to use it more efficiently. You can’t, for instance, put a patio on a steep slope, but you can lay one on the flat ground you get when you do some landscaping.

Improve Your Empty Beds

Are there empty beds in your garden? If so, don’t worry. You’re not alone. It’s something that afflicts many gardeners at this time of the year.

Improving your empty beds is actually surprisingly easy. The first step, as ever, is to add lots (and we mean lots) of compost and dig it over.

Then go online and look for plants that complement each other (and won’t compete for resources). Plant as densely as you can. Within a few months, the entire bed should be crawling with new life.

Hope this helps!

I'd love to see what your planning in your garden this Spring, so tag me in the photos on instagram or let me know in the comments

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Talltimberstree Services
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