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Home: How To Create The Perfect Garden During The Summer

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Your own garden is a great place to be in the summertime.

The sun's out, and you’ve got plenty of clear and blue skies to take advantage of - if you’re an aspiring gardener or just enjoy your own slice of nature and tranquility, now’s the time to dig the tools out and get planting! But aside from that, the more time you spend outside, in your own little bit of nature, the healthier and happier you’re going to feel (You've heard of mindfulness, right?)

And if you’ve got a garden or yard that needs a bit of work, it’s time to get stuck in, to make sure you’re living your best life without needing to hit the park or a beach. Some gardens need a lot of maintenance in order to be enjoyed, and when you know the most important areas to focus on, you’re going to get the work done a lot faster.

So, let’s have a look at some garden maintenance tips that people like you might need to do. After all, even just a quick tidy up can make you feel a lot brighter about spending time outside when the sun is shining and you’ve got some vitamin D to soak up. 

Cut Your Trees and Bushes Back

One of the main things to do during the summer is to cut back the heads and stems of any plants you currently have. One of the issues I had when left to look after the garden on my own was not knowing what to cut back and when. Don’t worry, you won’t be killing anything off - instead, you’ll be helping to promote healthier growth, and encouraging the plant to come back again next year. It’s incredibly important to trim your plants on a regular basis, especially if you care about what you’ve got growing out there, but it’s particularly encouraged during the summer time. 

After all, the sun exposure and other hot conditions promote faster, more rapid growth, and you’ll probably see bigger gains now than you ever did during the springtime (this includes weeds unfortunately). Not to mention the aesthetic side of things as well; an overgrown plant can seriously hamper the harmony and balance of your garden, as well as make it harder to move if needed when you have guests over! 

One of the more practical reasons to do this is to make sure that you are protecting the space from all sorts of critters. If you don't get into the habit of trimming your trees and bushes back on a regular basis you could find some quite surprising things have made an appearance without you knowing. If you've got an overgrown garden, finding something like a wasp nest is not what you want, but you can hire a wasp nest removal company to sort this for you.

If you have plants that attract all sorts of wildlife then you will need to make sure that everything is kept in place, especially those that overrun your entire garden.

If you’ve got a diversified garden, make sure you’re aware of the more predatory plants, as you’ll want to focus on these first. These are the kinds of plants that’ll damage your other flowers and fruits you’ve got out there, and keep them from reaching their full potential. 

Trim the Lawn

The lawn is next on the maintenance list - if you’ve got an overgrown or patchy lawn on your hands, you’re going to need to trim it back, and then add a bit of rejuvenation to it. The smaller the lawn, the easier it’s going to be to take care of, and the better shaped it is, the easier the grass will find it to grow. 

The lawn is always the main draw for any garden, and from an aesthetic’s viewpoint, you’re going to want to maintain some kind of balanced colour. A lush green, or a darker shade, that shows your garden is well looked after and able to be enjoyed. When you roll on it in your clean clothes, you definitely don’t want to come away covered in mud and mess ;)

Of course, allowing biodiversity to flourish is key to having a healthy garden that’ll last for years to come, but make sure your lawn isn’t just an eyesore. Allow your lawn seeds to grow to their full heights, and make sure they’re of a healthy colour, but always have a border to keep to. You need to be able to move around, after all. 

What state is your soil in? Make sure you find out before you start planting! (Source)

What State is the Pool in? 

I can dream, but If you're lucky enough to have a back garden big enough to have a swimming pool fitted, you’re going to want it repaired for the summertime! It’s literally a container of cool, sparkling water for you to shake off the worst of the sun’s rays in, and if it’s not maintained or cleaned on a regular basis, it’s time to form a new habit

First of all, make sure the pumps that power the pool are in good condition. Plenty of pump repairs companies exist, so it won’t be difficult to get them looked at by a professional. The pumps are important for maintaining clean, cool water, and if the filter is broken and no good anymore, you won’t want to be stepping even a toe into the pool itself! (The same applies to spas and hot tubs)

It might also be an idea to invest in a pool cover. Once you’ve cleaned the pool frame out, and you’ve replaced the pump and put fresh water in, you’ll want to keep things that way for as long as possible. Covering the pool up is the best way to maintain cleanliness for as long as possible.

Fix the Fence

The fence around your garden is what separates your property from another, and it helps to maintain that sense of privacy everyone wants from their outside space. And so, if you’ve got a hole in the fence, or it’s sagging and looks like it’s about to fall over, make sure you prioritise some fence repairs! 

You can do these easily yourself - you can simply strengthen parts of the fence that are falling to pieces, if the fence is otherwise in good condition. If not, and you need a whole new set of fencing panels and someone to put them up, someone qualified to carry out handyman jobs in Kennewick, or local to you, could probably get the job done.

Make sure you check the fence height rules in your area. You don’t want a dispute with a neighbour to crop up over this sunny summer! 

Is Your Garden in a Good Condition? 

Most of them are - they just need tidying up a little. Let’s make sure you’ve got some good ideas on where to start. It’ll make enjoying the summertime a lot easier next year as well; after all, our own garden is the cheapest and often the most relaxing way to enjoy summer, so give it a little tlc! 

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