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Home: Six Simple Tips To Keep Your Garden Secure This Autumn

Security might not be your first thought when designing a garden, but it’s actually more important than you might think, especially as the night start to draw in.

A secure garden not only helps to protect your home from intruders but also helps to keep pets and children safe, by keeping them in the garden and unable to escape. Here’s how you can keep your garden secure.

1. Check your boundaries. Have you got fence panels that are falling down, missing? Are any of them rotting, so could be easily pushed through? Replace any old or damaged fence panels to block up potential entryways. Check hedges for holes that a child or pet could get through. Taxus Baccata is a popular choice for hedges, as it is sturdy and low-maintenance. Opt for higher boundaries, as a taller fence or hedge is harder to climb over and gives you more privacy in the garden. 

2. Add lights. A motion-activated light over your front and backdoor is very handy. The light will come on as someone approaches the house. This is useful in two ways. A sudden light is not only off-putting for a would-be burglar but also makes it safer for you to walk through the garden if you return home in the dark. No more tripping up the step because you can’t see or fumbling for your keys in the dark! 

3. Secure your shed. Do you have a garden shed that you keep things like bikes, garden toys, tools, and garden furniture in? Bikes and tools are often expensive, making them a popular target for thieves. If your shed has a window, cover it, so nobody can see in and tell if there is anything worth stealing in there. Buy a lock for the door, and keep the shed in good repair. Remember to secure the door when you’re finished in the shed. 

4. Secure gates. If you can access your garden from the street, or anywhere other than through the house, fit a gate that can be locked or bolted. This makes it harder for anyone trying to come in, or a child trying to get out.

5. Hang a ‘Beware of the dog’ sign. Even if you don’t have a dog, a sign warning of one might put off an intruder. Even a friendly dog is likely to bark if someone tries to enter the garden, so someone planning to break in might choose not to risk trying it if they think there’s a dog in the garden. Signs that warn of alarm systems can do the same trick, so even if you can’t afford to fit an expensive alarm system, put up a sign as though as you have one. 

6. Check your garage if you have one. Your garage is another prime target for thieves. Much like the shed, make sure you can properly secure the door, and remember to do it. Cover any windows that look inside the garage. If there’s a door leading from your garage into the garden, remember that this is a potential entry point, and should be kept locked and secured.

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