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Home: Room By Room, Get Tidy For Autumn!

Want the perfect tidy home this Autumn?

The most important thing is to have a plan. Decide on the order of which you are going to work. You don't need to do everything in one day or one weekend. If you work on small daily "tasks" and do the basics once a week, you will see changes in how your home looks immediately.

Try to include the following tasks in your daily life per room! Anything large or that is hugely cluttering could certainly be put into storage. Use a self storage facility to assist. 


The tidying of your house should start with your bedroom. A small but important step to improve the appearance of your home is to make your bed every morning. It shouldn't take too much time and will set you up for the day as well as making the room look so much tidier and spacious. (You will also feel so much better when you get home later and it's already made).

Autumn is also a great time to have sort out of your wardrobe and draws. It is an opportunity to see what you want to keep, sell, give to charity or throw away. Whatever you haven't worn for a while, does not suit you or you've never worn, there is no reason to keep it and take up space.


Keep your bathroom looking clean with smart solutions, such as the use of baking soda and mold prevention treatments. Quickly rinsing the surfaces after you shower avoids soap residue and moisture. Do not forget to polish your mirror and of course to clean the bathroom mat. Believe it or not, these are jobs that most people fail to do regularly! Another bad habit that causes clutter in your bathroom is to leave products, brushes and hair dryer on display on the shelves and around the sink, accumulating dirt. Store the items in cupboards, under the sink and separate medicines, cleaners and cosmetics.


Tidying your kitchen can start with cleaning your fridge. Once in a while, make sure to give it a good clean and throw away anything you don’t need it (or can't identify!). Separate the food on the shelves, all the dairy together, the fruits and vegetables in the drawers and keep the bottles in the door. If you leave them loose they are more likely to spill or get broken. A good tip to always have neat cupboards and drawers is to sort the food based on their type. This will make cooking and preparation so much easier in the long run.

Get that Autumn clean on and get a tidy home

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