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Home: The Excuses We Use To Not Declutter

You probably don't need me to remind you, but having too much clutter in your home can do more harm than good.

For one, it's bad for your health. The disorganised mess and clutter in your home can add to your stress levels. Secondly, clutter is an inconvenience, mainly because you will have less room to move around, and also because you will have no space for new items!

For a more spacious and healthier home, you should get on top of your clutter. if you haven't already, it might be because you have used one of these excuses...

Excuse #1: I might need it one day

Whatever the item is, ask yourself when you last used it. If it has been gathering dust for a long time, and you have no intention to use it in the near future, perhaps it's worth getting rid of. If it's taking up too much space in your home, you really should question why it's there in the first place. Being honest with yourself, how realistic is it that you will use it? If you haven't already, are you ever likely to? So, consider the items you haven't used. If you're really unsure as to whether to keep them or not, you might put smaller items in your garage or loft space and larger items in storage units to give you more space at home while you consider their worth. If, after a few months, you haven't given them much thought, and you clearly haven't needed them, then it's probably time to get rid, either by selling them or giving them to a good cause.

Excuse #2: I don't have the time to declutter

When there is more clutter than you know what to do with, you might be put off by the time it will take you to sort through everything. Especially when you might have a family to look after, and a career to consider, you probably don't have time to get started on the job properly. However, it's only going to get worse if you don't make a start. If you really are busy, and you aren't just using this as an excuse because you can't be bothered, start small and do a little bit each day. While it might take a while to sort through everything, you will still make headway eventually. And if you do find yourself with more free time than you expected, use this time to declutter instead of wasting it elsewhere. 

Excuse #3: I don't know where to start

If every room is crowded with clutter, then the thought of decluttering might seem overwhelming to you. Not knowing where to start will be an excuse you are likely to make. However, start you must, because that clutter isn't going to magically disappear by itself. Create a schedule and give yourself targets for the week. So, you might concentrate on your bedroom one week, and then your living room the next, for example. And if there is a lot of clutter in each, you could also set daily goals, such as clearing particular drawers or cupboards each day. In time, the situation will become more manageable for you, so sort out that schedule, perhaps with the aid of this decluttering calendar, and finally reclaim your living space. 

Love T x



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