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Interior Design: Sustainable Decor Is The Trend For Autumn 2019

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that home interiors have started to reflect upon our impact on the environment.

More and more furniture designers and restorers are focusing their attention on the creation of sustainable pieces. Additionally, it’s impossible not to go shopping for energy suppliers without receiving information about how to reduce your consumption of energy through positive habits. In other words, there is a growing trend for sustainable and green living.

So It’s time to welcome it into your home and make it part of your decor; ultimately, sustainability has to be the way forward for us as a species but also for the planet. If you are looking for inspiration on how to transform your interior and create an elegant and green path for the future, these few ideas will prove helpful in your decor quest! 

Create a natural-looking interior

It could be time for a less plastic feel and touch inside your home. The vibrant 1960s interior style is in the past and for many it’s time for an environmentally-friendly alternative. Time for something that looks and feels real and alive. Natural elements create a peaceful and minimalist sensation. From a bare brick all to more subtle rattan inserts; there are plenty of options to incorporate natural materials to your style. Adding wooden furniture can also bring a hint of nature to your decor, especially if you use a pale varnish instead of paint. 

Renovations are crucial to reduce your energy consumption

Ultimately, energy suppliers are right to keep you informed about the best tips to reduce your use of electricity. Our production of power needs to evolve a lot before it can stop affecting the planet. Renewables are not yet at a stage where we can entirely rely on them to provide energy for the whole population. Instead, we need to find approaches to reduce our current consumption through home improvements. Renewing your insulation, for instance, can make a significant difference in the long term. Additionally, replacing your windows and fixing infiltration areas can also help to create an energy-friendly home. However, if you’re planning energy improvements, it’s a good idea to hire your skip bin and plan your work with a professional first. Some old properties could present serious health hazards! 

Bring the garden indoors

Growing plants is one of the best things you can do to protect the environment. Infact, growing your own plants can even enhance your decor. But growing vegetables can do a lot more. You can create a vibrant indoor garden that will not only add colors but also fragrences to your interior. Their presence can be soothing to the mind too. Besides, what’s more satisfying than eating your own home grown tomatoes? 

Upcycling creates new possibilities

Last, but not least, you can learn to transform your old items into something new and exciting. Upcycling is not only a creative trend, but it’s a green revolution for your interior too. An old ladder can serve as a plant display stand, for example. If you want to give your old furniture a new life, upcycling is the way to do it. 

Unlike other decor trends, sustainability offers the possibility to enthusiastic homeowners of creating a style that is both good for them and the planet. Additionally, sustainability lets you add a green twist to any existing decor.

In other words, there’s no need to break the bank to go green!

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