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Lifestyle: Is it time you went green?

If you read or listen to the daily news, you’re probably aware that the environment has become a hot topic.

Recently, studies, polls and TV documentaries have caused many of us to think about the role we play in contributing to the future of the planet. If you’re considering ways to go green, here are some changes you can make, starting today.

Cutting out single-use plastic

If you watched Blue Planet II or you’ve seen footage since the groundbreaking series aired on BBC, (the term 'the Blue Planet effect is now even a thing) you may well be looking to cut down on the amount of plastic you use. Scientists believe that between 8 and 12 million tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans every year. You can do your bit to reduce waste by trying to cut out single-use plastic. Recycle food packaging, bottles and cartons, and swap disposable coffee and tea cups for reusable cups and flasks. More than a billion coffee cups are thrown away every year, and less than 1% of them are recyclable. If you buy a daily coffee, and you can save yourself 5 cups per week and encourage your friends and family to follow suit, this will have an incredible impact. (read my article on zero waste) It’s also beneficial to swap carrier bags for bags for life, and to buy products that packaged using recyclable materials. Did you read my article on Plogging? You can also keep fit and help the environment at the same time.

Saving water and energy

Be honest. How often do you indulge in a bubble bath filled right to the top or leave the room without switching the lights off? The vast majority of us are guilty of wasting water and electricity. If you’re keen to go green, paying attention to how much water and energy you use will have an instant impact. Save water by swapping baths for showers, shaving a few minutes off your shower time and turning the taps off when you’re washing dishes and cleaning your teeth.

You can also reduce water usage by investing in a water tank like those available from Water tanks collect rainwater, enabling you to use water direct from the clouds to tend to your plants and keep your lawn in top condition. To reduce energy consumption, invest in smart appliances and energy-efficient light bulbs, switch electric devices off at the socket and use a smart meter to monitor daily usage.

Changing the way you get around

We often come across the term ‘carbon footprint.’ This relates to how much carbon dioxide is present in the Earth’s atmosphere. We all contribute to carbon emissions, but some of us have a much higher carbon footprint than others. If you’re keen to be more eco-friendly, it’s useful to consider ways of getting around without adding to the problem. Whether you drive to work, travel a lot, or you always choose the car over walking short distances, there are multiple ways you can make a difference. Share lifts with others, use public transport, walk or cycle, and look at ways you can reduce emissions. If you don’t already have a hybrid or an electric car, for example, explore your options. For an insight into green commuting, check out this article


Recycling reduces waste, and it’s a really easy way to do your bit. When you’re throwing things away, set out a separate pile or use a container to store recyclable products. You’ll see the recycling icon on labels and packaging. In most cases, you can recycle items made from plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, and aluminium.

Have you decided that it’s time to go green? If so, hopefully, these tips will come in handy.

Love T x


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10 may 2019

I think you've missed a biggie - what you eat. Going vegan is the single biggest thing an individual can do in terms of reducing the greenhouse gases you're responsible for.

Handily, that fits in with the reducing plastic in the sea bit. Of course, reduce the amount of plastic you use personally but around half the plastic waste in the sea comes from the fishing industry. Don't eat fish, you're not adding to this.

Me gusta
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