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Lifestyle: The Perks Of Going To University

As we head towards A-Level results time. University is something that is on many young peoples minds.

Whether they end up going for the education or equally for the whole experience (Including the social aspect!), there are many perks to going to university. If you’re looking at going yourself, then here are some reasons why it could be the best time of your life!

You Make Friends For Life

You may have made plenty of friends throughout school and college, but when it comes to this next chapter of your life, it’s more likely that these friends might become a bit distant and you may even drift apart completely. And that’s fine, friendships change, but you’ll find in general, that university friends will become lifelong friends. You’re at the point where you’ve grown up through the university experience, and therefore you’ll gravitate to those who you've shared experiences with and get on and feel most comfortable with. What's even better is that these friends are likely to be dotted all over the world. A great way excuse to see the world by visiting them.

It Improves Your Chances Of A Successful Career

The skills and education you get from going to university will greatly improve your chances of having a more successful career, securing those jobs that require degrees and are therefore better paid. Of course it's not guaranteed but sticking out a three to four-year course also shows prospective employees that you have perseverance and a passion for the subject you studied, even if it eventually isn’t something that you continue within a job. The more qualifications you earn, the bigger the impact it will have on your future career. 

You Gain Independence 

The independence you get from going to university is unlike anything you’d experience otherwise. From student tours organised by the university to moving away from home and needing to do everything yourself. You gain so much from simply learning how to survive. Budgeting your money is one thing you’ll have to balance and also being able to cook or doing the laundry. All this was probably done for you until now, but suddenly you’re responsible for yourself. That’s a big life-changing chapter in your life, and after leaving university, you’ll have the tools you need to continue into adulthood. 

It Gives You A Different Perspective

When going to university, you’re meeting many different people from various backgrounds, cultures and upbringings, and therefore, it changes your perspective on certain things. It makes you understand and respect different ways of life and to be more open to change. It’s something that’s very important and needed in a society that is forever changing and advancing. 

So if you’re considering university, you’ll be sure to have a life-changing experience, no matter where you go or how long you go for. The friends you meet will change you, hopefully for the better, and the contacts you make will last a lifetime. Getting further education can improve your chances of a better career, bring about more independence and gives you a better perspective on life in general.

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