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Lifestyle: The real truth about January Birthdays

I'm not gonna lie. I had a pretty good birthday this year, but for us January babes, it isn't always a Happy Birthday. These can be the harsh realities.....

No cash to flash...

I don't just mean for gifts, but to actually live or go out. A lot of folk won't have had a pay day since Christmas and are still dreading the credit card bill. Going out isn't high on their list of priorities.

Girls just wanna stop in!

Christmas parties, New Year Celebrations -people are partied out and are actually quite grateful to stay in with their new Christmas book or box set, let their livers recover and live down what they did at the office party, than go out and celebrate your birthday. 

Dry January

And if they didn't over do it over Christmas and New Year, there's a chance they might be doing Dry January, or made a resolution to drink less.  I'm not saying we need to drink to have a good time, but sometimes you just need it to get people to relax and create a better atmosphere - folk sat there with a miserable face are just mood killer

They saw you recently

And thats enough. People tend to get together at Christmas - even those relatives you hardly see have seen you - so you can't use that as an excuse to get together.

Baby it's cold outside

It's just not the same going out in the winter.  Running from place to place, freezing, it's certainly no picnic (Geddit?) Hybernating with that extra layer of fat you've gained over Christmas is much more appealing.

Bargain Hunt

It can work both ways.  If you're given money for your birthday then you may be able to bag a bargain, but for the giver, money's too tight to mention and the sales are on. Beware the unsold gift sets.  If it's something you like or you use, that's ok, but the temptation for people to pick you up something you don't want is real.  Think driving gloves, hip flask, something you don't drink in a gift set with a glass.  Which leads me on to....

Recycled Christmas presents

Or 'Regifted' as it's become known. We January babes know it happens.  That gift you received you don't want but think it's too good to give to charity or throw away. One mans rubbish can be another mans treasure. It can also be another mans rubbish...think on.

The ghost of Christmas past

What bigger celebration is there?  You simply can't compete with the magic of Christmas, so your birthday becomes a non event in comparison.

'Is it your Birthday soon?'

The question asked approximately two days after your actual birthday. It's after Christmas and people are still generally getting back into a routine and working out what day of the week it is. Before you can say 'Happy New Year' your birthday is upon you, so its easily forgettable.

Post Christmas blues

I get it myself - it's a thing - you've been building up to Christmas since September -and now its over.  Folks are feeling depressed, fat and penniless

Your wish list

Depending on how kind Santa was, in January your wish list might have dwindled, however come July there's loads of stuff you want but you have to wait for... Christmas.

Birthday money pays bills

It can be a case of in one hand and out the other.  Right about the time of your birthday the credit card bill arrives.  People give you money for your birthday which ends up paying the credit card bill - in essence, they're paying for their own Christmas gift.

Food, food and more food

Chances are the fridge, house,  shed? is still full of leftover Christmas goodies, that even you struggle to fancy more cake, cheese  and Baileys

Netflix and Chill

All people are talking about is what they watched on Netflix.  The new seasons are starting on the other channels - The Voice, Dancing on Ice...People want to stay in.

So, Happy Birthday to me.

Love T x


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