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Relationships: Six Disability Dating Ideas

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Disclaimer: Includes paid promotion

Dating has been tricky for everyone during COVID, but spare a thought for those dating who have a disability.

Every day outings often have to be planned ahead due to checking out things such as accessibility, taking away some of the spontaneity of a spur of the moment date night. Does that mean you should miss out on the fun when disability dating? Heck no! Read on for some date night suggestions to suit all...

Romantic Breakfast

Start the day as you mean to go on. Cafes may currently be closed, but that doesn’t give you an excuse not to treat your date to breakfast. You could either get all the bits and pieces from a shop or bakery, or some businesses are offering a romantic breakfast in a box. Local businesses or Etsy are a good place to look.

Watching the Sun Set

This can be one of the most romantic things, especially if you go to one of their favourite spots to see it. It could be somewhere they grew up, the beach, woodland. Do your homework and check what time the sun sets and in which direction and you can get some stunning views. Take a picnic and a bottle, or again many small businesses are offering takeaway boxes of afternoon tea or tapas. Depending on the time of year, make sure you wrap up (don’t forget that if the person with a disability in a wheelchair they may feel the cold quicker than you do) take a blanket, cushions and get super cosy.

Cook Together

Working as a team to cook a favourite romantic meal can be lovely, providing your kitchen is big enough. If they are in a wheelchair remember that they will need space to maneuver around and you will need space to cook. You don’t want to ruin it by bickering. Lights some candles, play some romantic music and create your own intimate restaurant without the accessibility issues.

Visit a County Park

Take into account their mobility. If they are in a wheelchair and you are pushing them, you will soon know about it if you choose somewhere hilly, so plan ahead and make sure your location is flat, or if a mobility scooter is available if they don’t have one. Check what the paths are like too. Man made paths are much easier to navigate for someone with a disability whether they’re in a chair or visually impared. Take a watch of this YouTube Channel which focusses on a range of different disabilities in detail more dating ideas.

Movie Marathon

Pick a date to be lazy. Grab the snack and curl up together for a movie marathon. You could binge watch a Netflix series or take it in turns to choose a film. You might have very different tastes in movies, but expand your horizons and learn a little more about them at the same time.

Games Night

You never see someone’s true colours until they’ve lost at Monopoly! Set aside a night to enjoy some of your favourite games old and new. They could be serious or silly, but it is both a fun and affordable way to spend some time together.

As you see, disabled dating definitely doesn’t have to be out of the question and if you're still searching for that special someone, try visiting a free disability dating site.

Date nights can just take a little bit more planning when you have a disabled partner. If you’re going to a pub or restaurant in the future, always ring ahead to check the accessibility. If your date is in a wheelchair you might also want to ensure you get a table near the door so you don’t have to navigate around other diners.

As with any date, always ensure you stay safe, and importantly talk! Many couples forget to simply communicate. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation, or perhaps the other persons suggestion just isn’t your cup of tea. Be honest and open about it. We all try our hardest to please, especially in a new relationship. But talking about it now can save a lot of problems in the future.

Hope this helps.

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