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Renovations Can Be 100% More Stressful If You Forget These Steps...

Today I fixed up the solar lights I've been meaning to do for months, that was enough for me for one day! (pictured below)

Taking on a big home project however is always going to come with some level of stress and difficulty. After all, they often make parts of your home uninhabitable, even if you’ve hired the very best professionals to take care of it.

However, they needn’t be as problematic as they often are. Often, the stress associated with them can be prevented, if you just remember a few crucial steps.

Putting together the budget

If you don’t take the time to put together a budget, considering all the steps of the renovation, the labour that you need to carry it out, as well as the materials and other costs, then you find yourself spending much more than you need to. You can save money on the project by estimating your costs ahead of time and figuring out where your priorities are and what you might be able to save on.

Trying to do too much at once

There might be a lot of changes that you want to make to your home right now, but unless you have a thorough plan to go through them piece by piece, you can end up with a disorganised approach and a tighter timeline than you need. It’s best to find out what your main renovation wants are and to focus on getting a smaller project done first. If you still have enough money and time to carry out more work after, then you should do it.

Be ready to deal with the waste

If you’re installing any new cabinets, surfaces, or fittings, then you’re likely going to have to pull out the older ones that you’re replacing, or at least make some room to fit them in. Even relatively small renovation projects can leave more mess than you might expect, and larger projects are going to have too much waste for your bins to handle alone. So, skip bin hire might be an essential choice. Ensure that you have some measures in place to help you deal with all of the debris and loose materials you can be left with at the end of a project.

Neglecting to check if you need permission

A lot of renovations, those that affect solely the interior of the home, are going to be just fine and won’t need any kind of permissions or red tape to carry out. However, depending on where you live, and especially if there’s some kind of homeowner’s association where you are, there may be set rules about home exteriors and in order to make any changes that affect the outdoors of your property, you may need to apply for planning permission. Make sure you know where you stand before any work begins.

If you’re renovating the home, whether by yourself or with professionals, make sure that all of the steps above are accounted for. The more planning you do and the more you make sure that all of your needs are taken care of ahead of time, and the better your chances of a smooth process throughout.

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