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Review: FIBEDA Crystal Braclets

I still have a lot to learn about healing crystals, but I’ve started my journey which I will share with you.

As i grow older and go through life's experiences, I find myself questioning things and becoming more thirsty for knowledge about the unknown - or more precisely - that which many question too little.

A good friend who does know about crystals said to me ‘Crystals find you’ and so I wonder if that’s why FIBEDA came in to my life.

Working in social media, you do find that you may be asked to work with different companies. I want to remain true and only work with brands I would use and which resonate with me, which is the case with this one.

It seems that there is more around about crystals at the moment, that they are a bit of a trend, but theres nothing new about them.

As FIBEDA state on their website:

“Crystallisation is a transition from chaos to order. Millions of years ago liquid rock inside the earth cooled and hardened, and this is how crystals formed at the flaming, glittering centre of the earth…

Sometimes it is easy to forget that there is still mystery in the world, that out there is a planet vast and wide and full of grace, an infinite, boundless ocean brimming with life and that everything under the waves and growing out of the earth-everything-is connected.”

To put it simply; crystals are far more than just a pretty stone.

Pretty though they are, and if you just want to choose one or wear as an item of jewellery because you like the colour, then that’s reason enough, however, you may find that you are drawn to a particular crystal, and that can change according to what you need at that point in your life.

Do you want to get over something?

New chapter or back on track?

​There are crystals which are said to help you, though you should be guided by your intuition. FIBEDA was started with the intent to help people discover their own intuition: they wanted to help them see more.

Bound and tied together, Fibeda’s crystal bracelets “remind us that we are at our very best when we work together.”

Looking at the FIBEDA website, there are so many beautiful items to choose from, but I did find myself drawn to a couple in particular. One of those was the 7 Chakras, which I chose. This bracelet is centred upon the idea that jewellery is for more than just pulling on and forgetting about. Each of the seven beads -amethyst, lapis lazuli, apatite, rose quartz, citrine, and red jasper-proffer a little something different.

And when you order an item from FIBEDA, the journey isn’t over there. They don’t just take it off the the shelf and pop it in the post, each item is made to order, they do not carry stock. Your beads are carefully selected and then placed into a Himalayan salt bath for a long soak. After washing off any residues with spring water. (This is to ensure they are free of any residues and trapped energy which they carried on their way) ​the beads are then ready to join together and form your bracelet.

When FIBEDA are happy they then place it in a selenite bowl for a night. The bracelet will then reemerge re-charged, awakened and nearly ready to meet you.

Prior to posting they sage-smoke , which sees all crystals well-and-truly cleansed of any bad energy and ready to make their way to you.

My bracelet arrived beautifully packaged in a box with a storage pouch, cleaning cloth, a dried flower, some further crystals and a personal hand written note from the owner, Beatrix.

I absolutely adore my bracelet and have worn it constantly since receiving it.

Take a look at the website, see if you’re drawn to a particular bracelet or buy one as a gift if you’re looking for something with a personal touch.

Love Tx


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