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Review: Victoria Ann Sustainable and Clear Mask

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve locked the car, started to walk to the shop, then remembered I’ve left my face mask in the car and had to go back. I did it again today! Are you the same?

Maybe it’s because I had to shield for longer and I’m still not in a routine. I don’t know. One thing I do know is that it’s been hot wearing one these last couple of weeks.

Weirdly though when it became mandatory I remember saying ‘What happens if you lip read’, I mean I don’t, though I’m sure subconsciously we do sometimes understand words better when we can see people’s lips moving. When I worked in a sales office too I remember we had a deaf lady come in and she would lip read, so imagine a world where you’re used to doing that and then suddenly you can’t because of face masks!

Thankfully Victoria Ann Studio has come up with a solution. A face mask with a clear plastic window which enables people to lip read and offers freedom of expression..

Made from washable organic cotton they are comfy even come with a mini eco soap which you rub on the side of the plastic against your mouth and it stops it fogging up, plus when I tried it on with my glasses they did not fog up..

Not only does Victoria Ann make useful and fun masks. She ensures that they are sustainable and so do not destroy the planet.

My mask arrived very quickly in a small sturdy box. Inside it was beautifully packaged in tissue paper. Initial thoughts are of quality and obviously the mask itself does not disappoint.

It is beautiful and the little window in the mask makes such a difference, you feel like people can see your emotion as well as the practically of being able to lip read.

Love Tx



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