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The Aveda Blogger Event - Nottingham May 31, 2018


I was thrilled to be invited recently to Aveda's first blogger event.

It took place at their salon on St Peters Gate in Nottingham, which sells natural and organic products ranging from skin care to hair care,  the idea being for us to learn a little more about the brand and their approach.

The company was founded by Horst Rechelbacher in 1978. It followed a trip to India in 1970 when he was introduced to the science of Ayurveda (the Hindu traditional holistic system of medicine and surgery). It's first product was a clove shampoo Horst formulated in his kitchen sink.  Thankfully things have moved on since then. Today Aveda is part of Estée Lauder Companies inc and manufactures and sells natural and organic skin and body care, cosmetics, perfume and hair care.


There is a real sense of serenity when you walk into the salon. We were greeted by the staff, known as Aveda artists,  with a summery glass of Pimms, my first of the year.


A selection of nibbles including flapjacks and brownies were also laid out for us. We are told about the Aveda mission, which is to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility. Founder Horst Rechelbacher adopted a holistic thinking, the belief that individual beauty is directly linked to the beauty of the world around us. From the ancient art of Ayurveda came the rituals of Aveda - an appreciation for the power of wellness to promote balance in mind, body and spirit, the prerequisite to achieving the guest's beauty goals.


The Aveda artists want you to enjoy your experience at the salon and offer 'Rituals of Renewal' We each begin with a stress-relieving hand ritual. This is to help release stress and tension in our hands, fingers, and wrists with relaxing massage movements, while aromaology, using pure flower and plant essences, helps revive senses.  This a treat anyone can walk into the salon and enjoy.


Next we get to try a cup of their comforting tea. A soothing 100% certified organic herbal infusion featuring liquorice root and peppermint. The naturally sweet tea is sugar and caffeine free. It is also free to every visitor to help calm your senses.


Finally we are taught how to read our chakras. Stood within the salon is a tall carved figure named Mr. Chakra, our guide to the chakra system. e've actually got 72 spinning wheels of energy on our body. On him are the main 7 spinning wheels of energy that affect our health, well being and beauty. Drawing on Ayurveda, the 5000 year-old healing tradition, we are given advice on balancing chakras, related wellness rituals and chakra balancing aromas, that can support you in discovering the beauty of a balanced life. Chakras change according to whats going on in your life.

We use our senses to explore the world around us. By using intuition , our senses will help us discover the chakra that you should focus on today. While you can work with all 7 chakras at anytime, it is helpful to focus on one chakra at a time.


We are given 7 chakra cards to look at. Told not to think about it too much but allow ourselves to be drawn to a colour, symbol and word. I am drawn to chakra 3 - intention. Chakra 3 is the centre of motivation where we set our intentions and desires. When the power chakra is balanced, one achieves goals, is self-confident and has strong motivation and direction. When the power chakra is imbalanced, one is said to feel mental blocks, nervousness and impatience.


I'd say that was actually pretty accurate for me at the moment. I've been feeling a little down, tired and demoted. It is said I can rebalance this with use of meditation, mantra, breath and nutrition. There is an Aveda body mist with lavender and lemon which is said to enhance meditation. I must admit, it did smell nice.

All in all it was a lovely calming experience and we even came away with a great goody bag of Aveda items.  I can't wait to go back for the facial I've been invited for today to see which products are recommended for me....and obviously more tea.

As a treat to you lucky lot, Aveda are offering 15% off purchases when you quote TANYA15  

For more information about Aveda visit:

Love T x

Disclaimer: Our treatments were complimentary but my views are my own.



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