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What The Captivation Of A Smile Could Mean

A smile is a sign of happiness, a sign of enjoyment.

Behavioural scientists have been studying the impact of seeing a smile and smiling, for many centuries. For the most part, it's something that could be expressed as a form of communication that only human beings have. Why this is, might be due to how visual we are. A smile doesn’t mean a threat. It means that someone is friendly and approachable. Human facial expressions are one of the most powerful forms of non-verbal communication in the world. We’re capable of making hundreds of expressions, but the smile is universal. So what makes it so captivating?

Social display

A smile is without a doubt, something we usually only do in a social setting. Already this should make you start to see the significance of it. If smiling is a social display, what is it for? Many experts say it's for any or all of the following.

  • To show a stranger, you’re not going to hurt them.

  • To show someone, you are happy and healthy

  • To join in a social expression, of laughter, welcoming someone new, saying hello to friends and family

  • To show you are emotionally stable

  • A confirmation of your energy

Why some people are embarrassed to smile

People can feel awkward about smiling. If we have a crooked smile, wonky or missing teeth, coffee stains, receding gums etc, then we might look unhealthy, unkempt, not very friendly or not very youthful. So if you do have a problem with your smile, start to look for solutions, so your smile matches your personality. If you have missing, crooked or chipped teeth, then pop in teeth veneers are one of the better options. A pack is sent to you, whereby you bite down on the material and it records the exact size, shape and design of your teeth and mouth. Then the veneers are sent to you through the mail, which should be an exact fit.

Should you smile?

I like to just smile at strangers, it can cheer people up, but let’s be honest, we've got to be natural about it. Smiling can be associated with a sign of youth and being carefree but if you smile far too manically, it can also be a sign of immaturity or people might just think you're taking the mick. Non verbal language can speak volumes without you actually saying a word. For example concentrating or listening is usually linked with narrowing features, such as lips, eyes, eyebrows and even nostrils. Your expression can give away more than you realise.

The captivation of a smile is truly amazing. When you smile, it can feel like a superpower.

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