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What To Consider During A Break-Up

Break-ups happen. Non of us go into a relationship thinking it won't work, especially a marriage. BUT, it's one of those things that many of us will experience.

Regardless of whether there is an obvious party of blame, break-ups are always difficult to deal with. If you are wondering what might help you get through a break-up effectively and as easily as possible, there are a few considerations that are worth bearing in mind.

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It Can Take Time To Heal

No matter who you are or what the break-up was like, you can expect it to take a while for it to actually heal. You are in fact grieving in a way over a loss. Not everybody bounces back up and gets on with their life. As much as you can see it as a new start, and you think you should be feeling a certain way, it is natural that it might take time to process what has happened. Depending on the circumstances, in reality it can take time for both of you to move on, and emotionally grow. So this is something you need to try and prepare yourself for as best as you can.

Finding Space Is Helpful

When you have been treading on egg shells with a person for so long, you will often find that it can be necessary to find some space between you as soon as possible. If you are in a situation where you are still living together, like I was for instance, that can be really tough, especially if they have moved on. It is something you will need to bear in mind. How suddenly this person that you have shared you life with, that knows your inner most thoughts, doesn't want to be with you any more.

You might also need to find out can I change the locks after separation, or if you just need to move out yourself, it is something you should think about, an if the break up is ammicable. Discuss a solution as best you can with your ex partner. Me? Once he'd gone I not only changed the locks - I changed the whole door!

Spend Time With Friends

Now is definitely the time to spend a lot of quality time with your friends, and for them to rally around you. Sadly we often lose contact with our old friends when we get into a relationship, now might be the time to reach out if that has happened.

If you have good friends, you will find that they will support you quite naturally. Just getting away from your situation, relaxing with them, having fun and distracting yourself for a few hours can be enough to make your break-up easier to get through. It really does make a world of difference when you can count on your friends to see you through.

Express Yourself

It’s never healthy to keep your emotions locked up, so you should definitely consider trying to talk and express yourself wherever possible and as best as you can. That is going to help you process your feelings and to move on. Try not to suppress your feeling, which can be dangerous for your mental health. Talk to friends or professionals if you feel you need to.

With the right kind of support, your break up can be made easier.

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