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4 Things to Look For When Moving Into a Flat

Updated: May 14, 2022

I've toyed with living in a flat or apartment. Maybe somewhere with a sea view or in the very heart of the City.

If you're someone who wants city living wherever you move to, you're usually better off looking for a flat rather than a house. While they don't offer say the space of a three-storey townhouse, they do come with plenty of other benefits.

With so many flats popping up all over the most bustling cities in the UK, Nottingham included, there are a variety of reasons to move into a flat. Before you commit though there are four things you'll need to look for with your new home. I worked as an Estate Agent for many years, so believe me, I've seen and heard it all!

Fire Safety 

Fire safety is a significant issue when it comes to living in a flat. It is not just you who needs to make sure you do not accidentally set your kitchen on fire; you must rely on everybody else, too. It's not difficult to see why you can't just go around and check that everyone is up-to-date on their fire safety knowledge. However, you can look at waking watch guidance, which can provide peace of mind that the property is safe in the event of a fire, and will give you ample time to escape should that be necessary. 

Phone and Wi-Fi Strength

With more of us now working from home, checking the phone and Wi-Fi strength when looking at a new property will save you plenty of frustration later. Not only is it essential for work but you want to be able to relax at the weekend and binge watch Netflix or chat with friends on the other side of the world without any problems. You can check to see if providers like earthlink internet are available in that area as this should indicate whether you will be able to get fast secure internet from the property. When viewing, you can also test the signal strength by calling someone while you are there. If the property is currently occupied, you may be able to request to connect to the Wi-Fi to check the connection.

Noise At Night 

Most people will view properties during the day, but you should also visit the flat and drive around the area after dark. This will give you a clear indication of the noise levels around the neighbourhood. During the day, the surrounding apartments and streets are likely to be silent, as the occupiers are at work or school. At night however, you can listen out for how people in the area live. You might hear arguments, crying babies, loud youths or a noisy pub down the street that blasts out music at all hours, none of which you want to hear every night.  

Meet The Neighbours 

It's not always easy or possible to meet the neighbours, but everyone should try to get to know who they will be living next to. Meeting the neighbours might not put you off signing the contract, but it will give you an idea of whether you will encounter any issues. You can usually tell if a neighbour will be a problem from the moment you meet them, especially if they ask too many questions or seem resentful that you are moving in next door. On the other hand, they can share any secrets a landlord or seller doesn't want you to know, which can save problems and stress after moving in. 


Your flat will only become a home when you make it so. Until then, you can at least feel confident that you've made the correct decision, and ticking each of these boxes from your checklist will ensure you can move in comfortably and look forward to a long and happy future at your new property. 

Love Tx

•Photo Credit - Richard Newbold


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