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Easy Ways to Add Character to Your Garden

Most of us spend as much time as possible trying to add character to our homes so that they reflect our unique style and taste and also fit in well with our surroundings. Fewer of us spend as much time on the garden, but actually, it is pretty easy to add more character to the garden, and doing so can increase your home’s curb appeal, and give you an exciting new space to spend more time in. This is definitely something I'm working on, so watch this space.

Here are a few easy ideas.

Hang some string lights

Hanging fairy lights from the branches of a tree is a really simple thing you can do in the garden, but once the sun sets, it will give your outdoor space a magical feeling that will definitely light your spirits and make you want to eat dinner outdoors whenever the weather is fine.

Paint fences and walls

Some fences and walls look best when left in their natural state, if they have been built using heritage brick, for example, but many others could benefit from a lick of paint, and it’s an easy way to add character. Whether you choose to cover your wooden fence with a lavender wash or paint those practical concrete retaining wall panels a more interesting shade of grey, giving them a makeover will enhance the whole garden.

Add a water feature

No beautifully manicured garden would be complete without its very own water feature. So, whether you add a koi fish pond or a statue that enables water to cascade slowly down it, it's great to add some kind of water feature to your garden and you won't regret it because, as well as looking great, the sound of gently running water is so relaxing.

Add a fire pit

Fire pits might be the in thing right now, but there is no denying that if you choose the right one, you can definitely add more character to the garden. For example, a natural stone fire pit will look great in almost any setting, and no matter what trends come and go, it will always look like it was meant to be there. Even better, it will be a great place for you and your loved ones to gather and watch the flames on those long lazy nights.

Plant roses

It might be an obvious idea, but planting roses around the door or up over the trellis is a really elegant way to add some classic British character to the garden, and you will love seeing them in full bloom, not to mention smelling them, and actually, it’s not nearly as hard to keep roses alive and thriving as you might have imagined, so why not buy one bush and see how you go?

As you can see, it’s really easy to add more character to your garden without spending much time or money, and doing so is sure to enhance both the time you spend in your garden and the value of your home due to the increased curb appeal, so what are you waiting for?

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