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Is Your Home As Healthy As It Could Be? 4 Ways To Make A Positive Change

Updated: Mar 11

We place so much focus on our diet, getting enough sleep, and exercise as ways to improve our health and well-being. In addition to this, it's necessary to improve your home's interior environment, where you feel most comfortable. Here are four simple strategies for a healthier home.

Get rid of dust.

Your home's dust may be more damaging than you realise. Chemicals like pesticides, flammables, lead, and other man-made pollutants are commonly found in it. Numerous health professionals have cautioned against taking house dust lightly, as it might aggravate allergies. Regardless of how long ago you used them, these chemicals can quickly build up residue in your house and pose a danger to you and your loved ones. While this strategy may be costly, it is preferable to replace wall-to-wall carpeting with tile, wood, or cork, as the former is a recognised allergy and dust collector. If you can't afford to use this approach, you can still vacuum your floors and corners with elbow grease and move your furniture to get the residues.

Stop mould growth in its tracks.

When mould grows, it needs both dampness and food. Moisture can build up on the outside walls of older homes that don't have good insulation. This can eat away at the paper surface of the drywall. Take a look at your plumbing to see if there are any leaks, condensation around the windows, or high humidity levels in the winter. Make sure the pipes in your bathroom and kitchen exhaust are clean and work properly, as you may need to get barrel nipple custom length piping to replace a leak. Bacteria and mould can grow in dirty, wet crawl spaces. As a result, you should keep an eye out for them so that they don't spread throughout your house. There are plenty of cleaning chemicals that can help eliminate mould, but prevention is always key. Of course, if you suspect it may be too late for prevention, it's worth arranging for a mold inspection in Montpelier, VT (for example) so that the experts can confirm whether you do have mould or not and, if so, help you take the next steps towards getting rid of it. 

Stop smoking

Are you still trying to quit smoking? Now is the time to let it go. In the United Kingdom, an estimated 2 million children are exposed to second-hand smoke in the household, which is the most major contributor to health problems such as asthma in these children. Aside from the negative health consequences, smoking is a costly habit to maintain. You can save money if you don't smoke, which will have an impact on your financial health and the future of your family. There are health professionals that can help you devise an effective strategy for quitting smoking.

Improve other neglected things at home.

The chances are that you don't change your shower loofahs, shower mats, or even your curtains enough. These, like your bath loofahs, accumulate bacteria when stored in warm, humid baths where they rarely dry entirely. Replace your shower loofahs every three to six weeks. It is also critical to understand how frequently you should change products in your home such as toothbrushes, pillows, and others.

Improving and making your home healthier does not have to be an expensive or difficult task. A few easy techniques and modifications can have a significant impact on well-being in your home, your family, and the environment in general.

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