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Steps To Take If You Feel Your Health Is Slipping

Do you ever look in the mirror and are surprised by the image looking back? In my mind I'm still 19, then I realise I haven't the energy of a 19 year old, never mind the looks.

So how do we keep our health on track? Firstly, look at what areas have slipped (physically and mentally - I don't just mean any body parts that might sag) so you can thrive and feel more like your old self fast. What we want to avoid is the situation getting worse or ignoring warning signs about our health and wellness.

Now is a great time to commit to making changes that will have a positive impact and help you improve your wellbeing.

Reflect & Set Goals

One step to take when you've let your health slip is to reflect and set goals. Begin by figuring out in what areas you’re not doing so well or are falling short. Think through what aspects of your lifestyle and behaviours and habits you wish to change. Self-reflection and setting goals is a great starting point to helping you to get back on the right track to better health and more happiness. Scripting is a great way to start your day in order to bring about the lifestyle you want.

Make an Appointment with A Professional

There are many professionals out there that can help you when your health is slipping. For example, if you’re struggling with mental health then you might want to see a therapist. If you have health ailments then you may want to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Also make sure you schedule a visit to your local dental clinic every 6 months. Oral hygiene is important for overall health. Now is the perfect time to address any health issues you’re having and have the professionals take a look and get all your questions answered.

Overcome the Mental Roadblocks

Another step to take is to overcome the barriers and mental roadblocks. There may be thoughts or feelings that you’re not addressing that are impacting how you eat and how well you’re taking care of yourself. Find healthy ways to reduce your stress and anxiety and work through feelings that you may have pushed aside and haven’t faced head-on. When your health is slipping you must be able to motivate yourself to do better now and in the future. Speak to a life coach, or try some mindfulness or relaxation sessions.

Get Active

Physical activity and exercise are good for your mental health and physical well being. When your health is slipping it’s a wise idea to get active and exert some energy. You’ll look and feel better and will sleep better at night too. Exercising and working out regularly may also make you feel good in other ways and more motivated to want to eat right and practise more self-care in general. Find activities that you enjoy doing and get your heart rate up. Start small, maybe with some stretches, or low impact aerobics, and work your way up to new challenges so you can continue to get stronger and shed any unwanted weight gain.

Take these steps and you’ll be on your way to better health and likely feel happier too. If your health is slipping, it’s not too late to change your situation around for the better. Let today be the day you take charge and control over your health and your future.

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