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Retaining Your Health As You Age

Most people would agree that with age comes wisdom, and a rebalancing of your priorities, it’s also true that we need to pay closer attention to our health.

Sadly unlike when we're in our early 20s, we can't be so carefree with what we eat, drink, and do.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to suddenly become an Olympic athlete in order to manage a good degree of health as you get older, but as you get into your forties, it can be a good idea to start thinking about ways you can maintain your health, to help reduce your chance of certain ailments.

It’s also important to note that as we get older, managing certain conditions properly and with diligence may be more important than outright avoiding them. This is all dependent on the medical advice given by your doctor, of course.

With that in mind, let’s consider some tips for healthy living

Sleep Is Important

As we age, we begin to feel the effects of turbulent sleep. For this reason, some level of consistency in your sleep pattern is essential. This means not only getting enough sleep, but maintaining a good bedtime routine. Ensure you change your bedding regularly. Don't forget, your skin is your largest organ so you want clean sheets around it. Ensure you are also getting enough ventilation in your bedroom, this means your are keeping the air around you circulating. It is particularly useful if you have central heating on which can make your skin dry, and also if you are using candles to get rid of any unnatural in the air.

If you are really struggling to sleep it may be worth talking to your GP, to check if there is an underlaying reason.

Limit Your Vices

This isn’t to say you should never have fun, but you should consider the after-effects more readily and always practice moderation. This means reducing your alcohol intake, stopping smoking, and avoiding overly dense sugar intake in your diet. Both drinking and smoking can harm your sleep too, as alcohol prevents you from enjoying deep REM sleep, and smoking can cause damage to your lungs which leads to a reduced ability to intake appropriate oxygen. Unfortunately limiting your vices is the best way forward as we age.

Visit Specialists Where Appropriate

From time to time, visiting specialists where appropriate can be a good way of taking control of issues or applying preventative measures, and ensuring you create the healthiest lifestyle possible.

Osteopathy, for example, can help you improve your range of motion, retain your mobility, and enhance your strength in the best possible manner. It can help you manage conditions or prevent their worsening, as well as giving you healthy lifestyle habits needed for moving forward with care and attention.

Getting older is a gift denied to many, but if you make a few tweaks to your lifestyle, it could help you retain your health for longer.

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