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Transform Your Personal Style With These 3 Accessories

Now and then, you might feel like your personal style could do with a little bit of a transformation. I mean look at Madonna, she is the transformation Queen.

However, you might not want to do anything too drastic, you might just want to do something that makes people do a double-take the next time you see them. You want to maybe add something to your persona that people will notice and comment on, something that can be part of many of your looks.

Well, you can achieve this with the help of some accessories. Three are listed down below, and each one will totally transform your personal style and could win you compliments.

A hat

If you never normally wear hats, adding one to your outfits can make a huge difference (they are also a God send on bad hair days). All of a sudden, you become a hat person. It changes the vibe you give off and can tie outfits together in a way that you haven't been able to achieve before. The best thing is, you can get lots of different hat styles and designs depending on the season and your outfits. It's a simple and modest accessory that will make a huge difference, so think about putting a hat on the next time you go out.

Nose or tongue piercing

Generally, most piercings make a statement and can alter your personal style. Still, some work better than others. Nose piercings will definitely get people's attention, as will a tongue piercing. You can get a subtle nose stud or a ring that will make people comment on your new accessory. It's a cool conversation starter, but it also changes your entire appearance. The same goes for tongue piercings, which are great for two reasons. Firstly, you can get loads of lovely tongue piercing jewelry that looks fantastic. Secondly, this is something people only notice when you start talking. So, it's almost like a hidden gem! As soon as they spot it, it'll be the topic of conversation. Again, it changes your personal style as people view you differently when you have a tongue piercing. You just give off different vibes!


Yep, a pair of shades can transform your look and put a big spin on your personal style. You instantly seem more laid back and casual when you have shades on, but they also provide an air of mystery. What's going on behind those glasses? It's harder to read your facial expression, which adds to the mystery element. Again, you can have all sorts of glasses for different occasions, which is really useful. You can pretty much change your personal style based on what sunglasses you wear!

See, you don't need to do anything dramatic to change your personal style and feel a bit better about yourself. If you feel in need of refreshing the way you look, these accessories can be very smart. Most people think you need to do something drastic when you want to transform your style, like getting an entirely new hairstyle or throwing out all of your clothes and getting new ones. In reality, it's the subtle accessories that do most of the work.

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