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Beauty Review: Creamily Gel Polish Nail Set

If you've followed me for a while, you'll know I love having nice nails.

Prior to lockdown I had them done regularly at a salon, but with enforced closures, like many as the weeks passed our poor nails suffered.

One of the reasons I started having gel nails was basically because mine are shocking. I have nice long nail beds (so I've been told, and I'm taking any compliment I can get) but my nails break easily. The skin on my hands is also dry sometimes, so I think nice nails just make my hands look prettier. I was working in sales when I started having my nails done professionally too, and so was more conscious of people seeing my hands.

Whilst things continue to return to some kind of normality, I thought I would try doing my own gel nails at home. I've tried normal nail varnish so many times and it just never stays put and seems to chip almost by just looking at it. I know how much more hard wearing gel varnish is so it seemed a good idea. (stick on nails never stay on for me either btw)

So I hit found and old LED lamp and hit good old Amazon and searched the gel nails. The set I settled on was by Creamify. The set includes 24 bottles of varnish which includes your base and top coats, along with some great colours.

Here's what it says on Amazon about it:

  • Nude Dark Series : Lictin nail polish set has 24 bottles of nail polishes, 21*5ml color gel and 3*8ml primer seal. Fit for all seasons and daily use. You can choose to mix colors according to different occasion.Let you have beautiful nails in any season.

  • Safe and Non-toxic: Lictin gel nail polishes are made of natural materials and has a low odor. In order to find the color easily, there is a color swatch corresponding to the color number label at the bottom of each bottle at the bottom of each set. Our products have passed the MSDS certification, you can rest assured to use.

  • Shiny & Long Lasting: Lictin gel nail set with good toughness and durability, we recommend to apply at least two layers on nails (each layer should be a thin layer) to make the nail color fuller and better coverage. It can last for two to three weeks with correct operation and no peeling.(It is recommended to cover 2 layers at least)

  • Easy to Use: Nail gel needs to be used with base coat and top coat, then be cured under UV/LED nail lamp to get gloss and long-lasting, anti-fading, resistance to chipping and abrasion. Cured under UV lamp needs 1-2 mins, and the LED lamp lasts for 30-60s.

  • First Gift Choice: Lictin's polish set designed with matte bottles and custom packaging box. Gift choice for different festivals such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Christmas or Birthday party. This set is not only suitable for professional nail salons, also for new starter DIY at home.

How do you apply?

* You first need to file your nails to shape them, this includes the surface to get rid of any excess oils or creams.

* Use a large dry brush (like a blusher brush) to remove any nail dust.

* I forgot to do this next bit - but I would advise pushing your cuticles down if you have them. Mine aren't usually too bad, but with not having my nails done for some time they had grown more than I realised and so it affects the end result as it can prevent your nails looking neat at the bottom.

* Apply the base coat of polish and cure (UV lamp for 1 min/LED for 30 secs)

*Apply the 1st thin coat of polish and cure (UV lamp 2 mins/LED for 60 secs)

*Apply 2nd thin coat of polish and cure (UV lamp 2 mins/LED 60 secs)

Apply 3rd coat if needed (Mine were fine in two and I used the 100 varnish - pictured above)

* Apply top coat and cure (UV lamp for 60 secs/LED lamp for 2 mins)

*Tidy up using a cleansing pad (included)

I did do some extra time under the LED as mine still felt a little tacky. Could vary on machines I guess.

The Result

I'm pleasantly surprised. I mean a lot of the finish is down to how you apply the varnish (some of us are neater and have more patience) I also used to have tips applied, so the end result isn't exactly the same as if I'd been to the salon, but I'm pretty pleased.

So far it seems to be staying on and is pretty hard wearing.


I paid £22.99 from Amazon, which is pretty good when you consider how many varnishes are included, plus the fact you would pay in excess of £25 for one treatment at a salon and this will keep you going for ages!


Its easy to do

It's cheaper than going to a salon


If you're not good at nails, the end result won't be as professional as a salon.

You will need a UV or LED lamp if you don't have one

Will I keep using it?

For now, yes. A few reasons. I want to let the rush die down at the salons and I want to make sure we don't end up going back into lockdown. It's also nice to have someone do your nice for you and be pampered. I also want to give it a bit longer and see how hard wearing it is.

Buy here: Creamily Gel Nail Varnish *

Let me know if you try it

Love Tx

*Affiliate link - if you purchase you will not be charged extra but I will receive a small fee


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