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6 Ways to Make Your Home More Private

Have you ever moved into a new home and realised it's not private enough?

Maybe, you want to create a cosy space for you to relax or a quiet place to study or work without being distracted by any outside noise and traffic.

In today's blog post I look at some ways you can achieve this.

1. Put up a Fence

Property fencing has for long been an option to protect the privacy of your home from neighbours and street traffic. Adding privacy will provide more security, create a sense of space in your garden, and keep out any noise from the streets and surrounding properties.

There are many fence options to choose from depending on your taste, privacy and budget requirements. To make the fence more effective, add a privacy screen.

2. Try Landscaping

Landscaping along the property border will create a natural barrier. You'll have more privacy as you keep intruders, distractions and noise away. Trees, shrubs and hedges are excellent choices. Consider adding ground covers to landscaped areas, such as creeping thyme, lavender, or heathers that will grow over time and fill voids underneath trees and shrubs.

If you're planning to add greenery, choose carefully as to whether you want low maintenance or plants which attract insects and birds.

3.Install Window Screens

Window screens are one of the most accessible items to install around your house. All you need is a little bit of time, a screwdriver and window screen material bought at any DIY store.

Alternatively, consult a household repair expert or local DIY guide for assistance. They will advise on best installation practices and fix any problems coming up during the process.

4.Install Blinds, Shutters and Shades

Window blinds, shutters and shades are affordable options to consider for privacy and comfort. They can be adjusted according to your convenience and light needs. Blinds come in a variety of colours, styles or fabrics to match your existing decor.

5.Sound Proof

When noise keeps you awake or distracts you when studying or working, soundproofing is an ideal solution. Install thick curtains on windows, doors and over your fireplace. Thick curtains, heavy drapes and rugs will keep out unwanted noise, heat or cold.

Fill out spaces between floors and ceilings with polyurethane or fibreglass insulation. Consult a professional for more ideas to soundproof any room in your home and get privacy without compromising comfort and safety.

6.Install a Security Camera

Intruders are less likely to break into a home with a visual surveillance system. A security camera system is an excellent way to feel safe in your own home without sacrificing privacy.

Camera placement is essential to visually monitor who's coming and going without obstructing views from windows, doors or hallways.

When considering different privacy options, talk to your neighbours, especially when fencing or landscaping on the property line. Let them know about your intentions because it automatically affects their property curb appeal.

Also, understand the local building codes and apply for any necessary authorisations. On the same note, know the local climate conditions. This will guide your decision on which fence installations to choose and landscaping options.

Hope this helps

Love Tx



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