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8 Tips To Settle In After Relocating To A New City

Moving to a new city or town can be intimidating, but it is even more difficult if you are relocating with small children. Not only is your child making the transition, but they will also have to adjust to their new school and friends. Fortunately, there are many basic tips that make moving with children much less stressful.

Try these 8 tips for settling in after relocating to a new city:

1. Make your child's room familiar

A small box of their favourite toys, pictures, and stuffed animals is all you need to make your child's new room feel like home. Pack these items in an open box so that all they have to do when they are ready is to start emptying them.

2. Set up their own space

Your child will be excited to have some extra toys in his or her new room, but they don't need an entire toy box yet. Begin by setting out one box with toys that are mainly for playing on the floor. Keep a few favourites at bedtime, so your child feels safe and comfortable in the room.

3. Get Crafty

You might be excited to unpack your own belongings, but your child won't care about that yet. Plan a craft night in their new home for an evening of bonding time with you and unpacking some of their favourite items from home. You could even make it a joint birthday party celebration if their birthday is around the time you move.

4. Eat familiar food

Start by making a list of your child's favourite foods and snacks before you leave your old home so that you can begin to find substitutes at your local supermarket as soon as possible. If they are tired of eating the same thing over and over, consider having a pizza night one day this week.

5. Find a doctor

Before school starts, check to see if your child's doctor has an office near your new home. Even though they might be feeling well, it is important to know where the GP is as soon as possible. Also, stop by the dentist since it’s a brand new dental practice to get used to.

6. Shop at the same stores

Most kids have a few favourite stores they like to shop at for school supplies and clothes; help them get back into their routine by taking them to these familiar places. If your child is already shopping online for school goods, make sure you know which ones make returns easy in case they don't find what they are looking for.

7. Visit a playground

After you have settled into your new home, take a stroll around the neighbourhood with your child to explore and see if there is a park or another play area nearby that might be fun to try out. If you can't find one, consider taking them to a park that is not too far away from your new home.

8. Acknowledge the change

Even if you are thrilled about moving to a new city or town, this transition can be overwhelming for your child as well. Spend some time talking with them about their feelings and how it feels different in their new home.

Moving to a new city can be difficult for an adult, let alone a child. Use these 8 Tips as your guide to make the transition easier on everyone in this new chapter of life!

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